BC40 Presto Black Black-Oxide Finishing System

April 19, 2017
BC40 Presto Black Black-Oxide Finishing System

Manufacturers evaluating taking black-oxide finishing in-house now have a low-cost and safe-entry option with the Birchwood Technologies BC40 Presto Black finishing system. The seven-tank process line, with 20-minute room-temperature blackening capabilities, comes complete with tank system, heaters, plumbing connections and tank lids. Adding a Birchwood Technologies preconfigured ion-exchange system to purify and recycle rinse waters makes a closed-loop, zero-discharge operation and eliminates environmental concerns.

The new BC40 Presto Black system is pre-engineered to set up quickly and operate safely. It utilizes seven individual tanks, each measuring 16 x 24 x 24 inches deep, and occupies a footprint of 3 x 15 feet. The tanks are rugged and virtually unbreakable, manufactured of heavy-weight, high-density polypropylene and polyethylene.

Setting up a room temperature in-house blackening line is now more economical than ever, according to the company. Easy to learn and safe to operate, these lines produce high-quality satin black finishes and can often be operated by workers in adjoining machining cells, without adding new employees. An in-house BC40 Presto Black line usually pays for itself in less than 1 year.

The non-dimensional Presto Black finish is a low-cost way to achieve good corrosion protection and enhance sales appeal. With a uniform 0.000030 inch (1 micron) thickness, the porous crystalline structure of the black finish makes it a suitable absorbent base for a rust preventive top coat. Once sealed, the Presto Black finish resists up to 1,200 hours humidity without chipping or peeling.