VpCI-105 Emitters and VpCI-111 Emitters

March 05, 2020
VpCI-105 Emitters and VpCI-111 Emitters

Corrosion may not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of preventative maintenance. Yet, it can be a critical part of keeping vital “nerve centers” going at any facility — making sure the lights stay on; the electricity continues working; and servers, phone systems, fire alarms and other electrical controls keep functioning. Electrical or electronic failures mean interrupted operations, downtime, repairs and extra costs. Fortunately, Cortec VpCI solutions require minimal effort with big returns on corrosion protection.

Many have found the benefit of VpCI-105 Emitters and VpCI-111 Emitters for protection of electricals/electronics in enclosed spaces. These simple self-stick cups emit vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors that diffuse throughout the junction box or control panel, forming a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces inside. The corrosion inhibiting
layer is self-replenishing, allowing personnel to open and close the cabinets for periodic maintenance. VpCI emitters do not interfere with electrical, optical or mechanical surface properties and are dosed based on the size of the electrical enclosure (e.g., VpCI®105 Emitter for 5 ft³ [0.14 m³] of void space).

ElectriCorr VpCI-238 and ElectriCorr VpCI-239 are also helpful tools. These aerosols can be sprayed on as electrical contact cleaners or applied as a thin corrosion inhibiting coating on electrical contacts or panels within an enclosure or open to the air. They do not alter the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of metal substrates and can be
safely used to protect circuits or relays without causing any changes in conductivity.

While VpCI emitters and ElectriCorr sprays protect in the presence of corrosive elements, Corrosorber is another
handy device that helps by absorbing corrosive gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and volatile mercaptans. Like
VpCI emitters, Corrosorber is a small self-stick cup that can be added to electrical cabinets or wireways. It turns
black when the Corrosorber material is spent and needs to be replaced.

Strategies like these can benefit any facility, but maintenance crews should take special care for electricals and electronics located in harsh conditions:
• Non-climate-controlled production floors
• Chemical processing environments
• Outdoor junction boxes
• Shipboard/marine conditions
• Wastewater plants

VpCI preventative maintenance is effective, easy and economical for minimizing corrosion and failure on electricals and electronics. Applying one small self-stick cup or spraying an electrical cleaner into a junction box may seem like a small investment, but it is a big step in the right direction for protecting critical building utilities from corrosion.