TufBrush Stringer Bead Brushes

May 04, 2018
TufBrush Stringer Bead Brushes

Osborn has expanded its TufBrush stringer bead product line to five additional products. The TufBrush product line boasts up to two times longer life and up to 60 percent better material removal than its closest competitor.

TufBrush stringer bead brushes are used for weld cleanup applications, including root and hot pass, surface preparation, deburring, pipe joining and other applications. With an improved, proprietary design structure, Osborn’s TufBrush stringer bead wire brush line is now available in a range of sizes from 4 inches to 6 inches in either carbon or stainless steel material.

The TufBrush product line features Osborn’s proprietary TufWire, a specially designed wire that offers increased rigidity and aggressiveness, a new knot design that allows for more wire on the work surface and an increased wire density that provides consistency and longer life. The TufBrush product line’s longer life reduces the number of brush changes required during the day, and together with the improved rates of material removal, it increases productivity.

“With the remarkable success from the introduction of our 4-inch TufBrush last year, our customers demanded the same performance in additional sizes and materials,” said Justin Sieb, product manager at Osborn. “With the TufBrush stringer bead line, customers no longer have to choose between longer life or material removal when it comes to brushes. TufBrush delivers up to 60 percent better material removal than the closest competitors in the market with industry-leading durability.”

Made in the United States, which provides consistency from brush to brush, the new TufBrush products replace standard Osborn products. Part numbers and pricing remain the same, while customers receive increased performance.

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