Reformulated VpCI-340 CLP for Cleaning, Lubricating and Protecting

October 20, 2017
Reformulated VpCI-340 CLP for Cleaning, Lubricating and Protecting

Cortec R&D has developed an enhanced reformulation of VpCI-340 CLP for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting purposes. The upgraded formula has undergone extreme testing to ensure top-quality product performance geared toward the demands of military standards, the company reports. The result of seeking to meet high standards was a
CLP product with better corrosion protection, excellent lubricity and the stability to maintain viscosity at extremely low temperatures.

VpCI-340 CLP is formulated to provide exceptional cleaning, lubrication, and protection to both small and large caliber weapons. It can also be used in many other situations where lubrication and protection against corrosion is needed. The product leaves a thin film which dramatically reduces friction and wear under load while still offering corrosion protection in humid and saline conditions. VpCI-340 CLP is designed to loosen dirt, firing residue, and wear debris—a capability essential to the operation and maintenance of firearms.

VpCI-340 CLP can be used in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications:
• Firearm maintenance and storage
• Lubrication and protection of machines and other equipment
• Temporary coatings for storage and shipment

With the lubrication and corrosion protection offered by VpCI-340 CLP, moving parts can be cleaned, lubricated, and protected in both indoor and outdoor operations. VpCI-340 CLP can be applied by spray, dip, or brush for up to 24 months of protection.

The low pour point and high flash point of VpCI-340 CLP allows it to be used in a variety of relatively high- and low-temperature situations. Whether lubricating weapons that will experience the friction and heat of firing, or solving the problem of a squeaky door in Alaska or Antarctica, VpCI-340 CLP has many useful applications. In addition to forming a superior lubricating film, VpCI-340 CLP loosens organi and inorganic residue, helping to penetrate
through and clean the dirt or debris off the surface of the firearm, machinery, or other metal parts. It also has excellent water displacing characteristics.

The reformulated VpCI-340 CLP meets and exceeds many common test requirements for CLP-type products. For example, VpCI-340 CLP surpassed one test requirement for 90 hours of ASTM B117 salt spray chamber testing by 30 additional hours and surpassed another test requirement for 900 hours of ASTM D1748 humidity chamber testing by
more than 1,200 hours. Corrosion testing on multiple metals such as steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and cadmium showed only microscopic corrosion at an exponentially smaller amount than required.

Related Glossary Terms

  • flash


    Thin web or film of metal on a casting that occurs at die partings and around air vents and movable cores. This excess metal is due to necessary working and operating clearances in a die. Flash also is the excess material squeezed out of the cavity as a compression mold closes or as pressure is applied to the cavity.

  • lubricity


    Measure of the relative efficiency with which a cutting fluid or lubricant reduces friction between surfaces.