Handling Guide Online Configurator for Cartesian Robots

November 08, 2019
Handling Guide Online Configurator for Cartesian Robots

Festo introduced the Handling Guide Online configurator for Cartesian robots. This new productivity tool significantly reduces engineering overhead for OEMs and speeds delivery to laboratory equipment, electronic light assembly, end of line packaging, food and beverage, automotive, and machine tool manufacturers.

Equipped with basic application information such as load, cycle time, load voltage and workspace size, a design engineer can specify a single axis, 2D or 3D Cartesian robot and receive a CAD drawing of the robot in about 20 minutes. Engineers have the option of ordering the systems fully assembled or as disassembled modules.

“The real breakthrough is that the OEM design engineer simply has to know the application, not the Festo product line,” said Tom Worsnopp, product manager for electric automation at Festo. “All of the effort to choose the right components and to ensure they are correctly paired happens behind the scenes in seconds. An additional benefit on top of reducing engineering overhead is that the Festo ERP system creates a seamless ordering and delivery experience for the OEM.”

X, Y and Z modules contain actuator, connection shaft, adapter plates and energy chain. Options include motors, servo drives, sensor package with multiple-point distributor, cables and tubes. Systems can mix electric and pneumatic systems and OEMs are not locked into Festo motors or servo drives.

OEMs are encouraged to test drive the Handling Guide Online to see the productivity benefits and ease of use for themselves.

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