DynaBeam Laser Sensing System

May 01, 2014

Flow International Corp. introduces the reportedly only noncontact material height sensing solution available in the industry, the DynaBeam Laser Sensing System. DynaBeam provides superior accuracy to traditional height monitoring methods.

"We are very excited to introduce the first noncontact precision height sensor to the waterjet industry," say Dr. Mohamed Hashish, senior vice president of technology at Flow, "With this advancement we continue to ensure that our customers have the most advanced tools for the highest productivity and accuracy of cut parts."

Laser measuring is highly accurate without requiring physical contact with a material. The DynaBeam laser height sensing technology maps the natural state of materials, reducing the need for manual adjustment throughout cutting. Operators can choose between setting the standoff height between the waterjet nozzle and the workpiece before every pierce, or pre-mapping an entire workpiece quickly and easily. Used in combination with both Dynamic Waterjet and Dynamic Waterjet XD for 2D and 3D bevel cutting, the system ensures faster, more accurate waterjet cutting.

"The DynaBeam is a unique combination of waterjet cutting versatility and laser precision measuring capabilities," says Dr. Alex Chillman, product team leader for Flow. "Nozzle offset height can be set to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm (0.004 inch) very quickly."

This fast, accurate, noncontact method results in no scratches to the material. The laser ensures waterjet cutting to high precision; necessary when producing close tolerance, multi-axis parts. Operators can quickly and easily cut precise parts, even when bevel cutting.

Related Glossary Terms

  • tolerance


    Minimum and maximum amount a workpiece dimension is allowed to vary from a set standard and still be acceptable.

  • waterjet cutting

    waterjet cutting

    Fine, high-pressure (up to 50,000 psi or greater), high-velocity jet of water directed by a small nozzle to cut material. Velocity of the stream can exceed twice the speed of sound. Nozzle opening ranges from between 0.004" to 0.016" (0.l0mm to 0.41mm), producing a very narrow kerf. See AWJ, abrasive waterjet.