Dust Testing Services

September 17, 2018
Dust Testing Services

Customized design and installation of an industrial dust collector are critical for optimal performance, safe operation and fast return on investment. Camfil APC offers a range of dust testing services to help manufacturers understand the characteristics of dusts produced during their operation and make informed decisions about equipment, filter cartridges and engineered controls to mitigate dust hazards.

Camfil APC’s dust testing services include:

  • Particle size analysis to determine the filtration efficiency required to meet emissions standards.
  • Video microscopy to identify dust shape and characteristics for selecting the proper equipment for a specific application.
  • Pycnometry to identify the dust’s true specific gravity, which helps to determine the efficiency of cyclonic-type dust collectors.
  • Abrasion testing to determine the optimal design of dust-handling components like valves, inlets and ductwork.
  • Terminal velocity testing to determine the air velocity required to lift the dust, which helps in selecting the correct filter housing size.

In addition to dust analysis, Camfil APC offers ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 199 testing to provide manufacturers with real-world comparison data on emissions, pressure drop, compressed air usage, energy consumption and emission readings for Camfil APC dust collectors used in specific applications.