HemiPleat Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges

February 26, 2020
HemiPleat Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges

HemiPleat premium replacement filter cartridges from Camfil APC fit most leading dust collector brands and are guaranteed to last longer than standard filters. Because of their high efficiency and long filter life, HemiPleat replacement cartridges need to be changed out less frequently, saving operators time and reducing maintenance costs.

HemiPleat filters use a patented pleating technology that exposes more filter media to the air stream to boost the performance of industrial dust collectors. HemiPleat media lowers the filter’s pressure drop and facilitates a better release of dust during pulse cleaning. This also results in using less compressed air and lowering the energy demand of the fan motor.

 HemiPleat replacement filter cartridges are available with these media types:

  • HemiPleat Green for nuisance dust
  • HemiPleat PTFE and Dura-Pleat PTFE for harmful and toxic dust
  • Dura-Pleat Hydro Oleophobic for hygroscopic and sticky dust
  • HemiPleat FR and HemiPleat eXtreme FR for flammable dust
  • HemiPleat Carbon and Dura-Pleat Aluminized for statically charged dust
  • HemiPleat eXtreme Nanofiber for ultrafine dust

Camfil APC offers a money-back guarantee that HemiPleat filters will provide 30% more filter life than other filter brands.