Coolants/lubricants/related Fluids

VpCI-649 BD

A concentration of 0.5% VpCI-649 BD may be all that is needed to inhibit corrosion inside the tooling cooling water system. As time passes, this concentration may change as water is lost. Workers should therefore periodically monitor the water (e.g., by the molybdate tracer or refractometer) to make sure the right level of VpCI®-649 BD remains. Additional water or VpCI-649 BD can be added as needed to maintain the proper concentration of corrosion inhibitor for protection.

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NEAT GREEN DP X510 also benefits from a high resistance to temperature and oxidation. It is particularly recommended for the machining of yellow metals, as its properties are maintained for a long time and it avoids staining and fading of the metals. This lubricant has shown great success in micromachining operations.

EVN Grinding Oil

EVN provides additional benefits over normal grinding oils. Its combination of low viscosity (5.4 cSt) coupled with a high flash point (370 degrees F) is not possible in petroleum based products.  That means that EVN improves flushing, which helps grinding performance while also providing the increased safety features.

B-Cool MC 600

Blaser Swisslube, has focused on an economical formulation that shows robust performance in universal machining applications. The strengths of the new coolant become fully apparent when machining cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys. B-Cool MC 600 demonstrates good material and machine compatibility and can be mixed with all water types. It contains no critical substances such as boron, chlorine, formaldehyde or sulfur.

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