Mx 9.1 software extends Zygo’s collaborative metrology software with Asphere+ Analysis functionality, providing a common toolset to explore aspheric surface data obtained using any instrument. Best-fit prescriptions can be obtained for a wide range of surface types, and the 3D deviation between part and design can be examined and exported for…
FT-QPSI builds upon the QPSI anti-vibration solution that ZYGO introduced in 2014. Both solutions are a nod towards the fact that laser interferometry is transitioning away from carefully controlled lab environments as a growing number of applications demand easy, reliable solutions in environments where it was previously impossible to achieve…
Zygo Corp. announced the Nexview profiler, its next-generation 3D imaging and measurement system for rapid, precise, quantitative and interactive surface metrology.
Laser interferometry is susceptible to vibration issues. New technology is solving that problem.
Woodward Inc., with over 50 years of heritage in the aerospace industry, develops and delivers motion control and integrated propulsion systems. Much of Woodward's success can be attributed to an approach of applying total system solutions in meeting the needs of customers and staying at the forefront of served industries.
When looking at the place of metrology in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” it is interesting to ponder whether Industry 4.0 is being driven by developments in metrology or metrology developments are being driven by Industry 4.0.
Over the last few decades, additive manufacturing (AM)/3D printing has fundamentally changed the way that manufacturers approach product development. Industry is now almost universally aware of the term rapid prototyping, using AM to convert 3D CAD data into physical models in a matter of hours.
To contact or not to contact. That is the measurement question. Today,  as parts get smaller and more complex, metrology discussions center around contact or non-contact measurement especially as these smaller and more complex components can be damaged by contact with a probe. 

ZYGO caught up with Dr. Mark Malburg of Digital Metrology and Carl Musolff of Musolff Consulting to discuss how to get the most out of surface parameters. Their years of front-line experience provide valuable insight into precision manufacturing processes, and why choosing the right type of metrology, and examining the correct parameters, are…
To ensure the surfaces on the gears are optimized, it is essential to use metrology tools to analyze, understand, and characterize.