The 1500MX offers a host of features designed to enhance machining efficiency and precision. Crafted with an epoxy granite frame made in the U.S., this machine boasts ten times the damping of cast iron, ensuring chatter-free cuts, superior surface finishes, and 30% longer tool life.
The ZA6 is the only industrial robot to use Python as its programming language. Python is popular, easy to learn, powerful, and because it’s commonplace, it makes it incredibly easy to integrate ZA6 with other Python-driven systems. With over 200,000 Python libraries available, most of the work required to connect the ZA6 to the outside world has…
The ATC is a valuable addition to the 24R CNC router. The ATC is integrated into Tormach’s award-winning PathPilot CNC controller. Ideal for premium woodworkers and sign makers, the 24R is designed to accurately cut a wide variety of materials including woods, plastics, aluminum, and more. With an advanced control, rigid cast-iron bed, welded…
An in-house Tormach professional will install, align, and test all pre-installed components (if partial assembly is chosen) and major systems to the machines for full assembly. This allows customers to speed up the time to commission their new machines quickly at their shop once they arrive.
The microARC 4 reduces both operator workload and cycle times with a high-quality, low-maintenance harmonic drive. The drive provides extremely precise motion control, coupled with much higher rapid speeds than a worm-drive unit. 
This new 8L Lathe is a small machine with big capabilities, and has the ability to fill turning needs in a variety of spaces. Rigid enough to cut anything, whether it’s plastic, stainless steel even titanium, this machine can handle it, and at an approachable price point.  
The xsTECH is small but features big capabilities for cutting plastics, wood, and aluminum. An ideal starter CNC system for students learning CNC fundamentals, the xsTECH comes ready to run and requires no assembly.  It plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet and for those outside of the US, a 230V version is available.
Tormach Inc. has announced it is now offering servomotors for its line of 1100M and 770M CNC milling machines. Servo upgrade kits are available for current users of these machines, which allows them to transform their current ‘M’ series machines to ‘M+’.
Tormach Inc. has introduced a software upgrade to its PathPilot CNC software package that offers premium functionality standard, at no cost. In addition, Tormach is introducing its new ‘TRY PathPilot’ program that allows new users to program, learn and train on the program for free.
Tormach Inc. has introduced its latest CNC mills, the 1100M and 770M. The new M series represents a ground-up rethinking of all aspects of the company’s best-selling 1100 and 770 mills, incorporating more than 2 years of upgrades, optimization and customer feedback.
Tormach Inc. has started the preproduction beta phase of its AF50 autofeed bandsaw.
Hands-on learning is quickly becoming the best-known way for students to fully grasp concepts and curriculum, especially in the world of technical education. To this end, classrooms have started to change in accommodation for this type of hands-on teaching. This early exposure to machine tools preps kids for the work they’ll see throughout their…
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Tormach Inc., a Waunakee, Wisconsin-based supplier of compact CNC machines, named Darcy Johnson as its chief financial officer (CFO).