The LX021 offers a comprehensive integrated solution that includes self-centering vice which minimizes part distortion while maintaining accuracy and repeatability. Kinematic correction cycles to calibrate the machine and verify its health over time. Advanced RCS CAM software designed specifically to generate optimize CNC tool paths.
The two new machines, models MTV 1000 and MTV 1250 offering 8,000 rpm/700 ft lbs. of torque and 4,500 rpm/1,200 ft lbs. plus 200 bar/3,000 psi high pressure coolant for integrated turning, are joining the STC-MTV family of horizontal machining centers.
Starrag has demonstrated over the years that the nonexhaustive list of applications performed on its model Bumotec s191FTLR 7-axis turn/mill machine is an evidence of Starrag’s expertise in manufacturing complex parts in a single setup whatever raw materials used. Whether for producing parts in the micro-mechanics, aerospace, medtech or luxury…
Starrag has announced a world first in Droop+Rein vertical milling centers with the launch of three new machines – led by the revolutionary Droop+Rein FOGS HD (pictured), “which takes heavy-duty cutting to the next level,” and the evolutionary NEO update of four existing series machines.
Starrag offers the innovative Heckert DBF 630 6-axis machining center with B over A trunnion table coupled with 45 kW (60 hp)/1,700 Nm (1,254 ft-lb) torque fully integrated U axes head to enable turning, as well as milling, boring, drilling and thread generation operations to be completed in a single setup. OEMs and top-tier suppliers in the oil…
Amazing, but true: Over one and a half decades ago, many engineering companies were dreaming of parallel kinematic drives that would be able to replace conventional fork heads in machine tools after a brief period of euphoria, involving a few conferences, plenty of journal articles and several tentative attempts with prototypes and machines,…
The STC series has been designed to provide unrivalled economy in the machining of the most demanding structural parts, multiple-blades and casings with long cycle times, and provide the customer with a whole host of practical options. These machining centers have excellent static and dynamic properties, as well as a tried and tested rotatable…
Bumotec has launched the s181 turn-mill center, a compact cost effective multifunction machine targeted at industries such as micromechanic, aerospace, medical and surgical instruments, as well as watch and jewelry. Derived from the well-known Bumotec s191 linear CNC turn-mill center, the new s181 is a 5- to 9-axis unit targeted at single-setup…
The Australian Government has ordered the construction of a fleet of 12 regionally superior submarines, known as the Attack Class, for the Royal Australian Navy. A 5-axis gantry machine from The Starrag Group is a critical piece of equipment for the decades-long project.

The F-35 Lightning is one of the most complex and lethal combat fighter jets in the world, and this machine is constructed with thousands of precision components. Starrag machinery are used to produce some of the most complex components on these precision jets.
Starrag is a manufacturer high-precision machine tools for milling, turning, boring and grinding workpieces for a variety of industries. Its rigid and robust equipment can also be used for making farming equipment.
The Starrag site in Rorschacherberg in Switzerland is synonymous with highly productive, long-lasting machining solutions in the aircraft industry. This is what made this site the perfect choice for the Starrag Competence Center Aerospace.
Submarine propellers traditionally take a long time to produce. They are large and have tight tolerances. A Starrag machining center was selecting to produce the 24' propellers.
In 1928, a precision optics machine arrived on U.S. shores on a ship from Europe. The SIP MP4 machine, serial number 88, was bound for its new home at the General Electric plant in Lynn, Massachusetts, a town located 14 miles northeast of Boston. Today, it is home at the U.S. offices of Starrag in Hebron, Kentucky.
Starrag, a manufacturer of CNC metalworking machinery and Amorphology, a developer of advanced amorphous metals, established a laboratory where customers of both companies can observe real-time precision engineering and machining of complex gears using amorphous metals.

The Bell Helicopter Drive Systems Center (DSC) in Arlington, Texas, can never be confused with anything “little.” It’s a huge facility, filled with the latest milling, drilling, and boring technologies. In fact, some newly installed equipment is making some of the company's biggest components in its history. 
Omni Aerospace needed to produce large, flight-ready parts within strict design tolerances and surface finishes in a time-sensitive manner. Starrag's Ecospeed F1540 machining centers fit the bill.
The Schaller Group, a Michigan-based metal forming company, invested in CNC technology to drive growth in the family-owned company and support the company principle's passion for hydroplane racing.
William Leventon
Machine Technology Column
Starrag demonstrates Bumotec S191 Linear mill turn machine at IMTS 2014.

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Starrag USA is very pleased to announce that Elena Schmidt-Schmiedebach has joined the team as the new marketing lead North America.
Starrag USA announces that Justin Hogan has joined the team as the new Bumotec process engineer. He has 16 years of combined experience in the tool and die, aerospace and medical Industries.
Starrag USA named Dan Matticks as its regional manager – Great Lakes for sales. His territory covers Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska.