Somma Tool Co. announces complete services available to companies that use form tools.
Somma Tool Co. announces the development of a broach toolholder that is reportedly uniquely interchangeable among any style of ER collet chuck. The compact, adjustment-free, offset, rotary broach toolholder will thread to an existing ER (16, 20, 25 and 32) collet chuck and features a built-in 1-degree wobble cutting edge for offset rotary…
Somma Tool Co. announces a new line of broaches called Forte. Forte broaches are made of tough broaching material. It is the company's new standard stock material, replacing M2.
Somma Tool Co., a manufacturer of rotary broaching tools and holders, announces a new line of broaches called Forte.
Cutting Tool Engineering visited with Abel Rodrigues, sales engineer, Somma Tool Co., during IMTS 2016 as he provided the play-by-play for a video demonstration of external and internal rotary broaching.

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Somma Tool Co. announces its acquisition of the Max-Bar Tool Co. Max-Bar is a leading manufacturer of carbide cutting tools and holders for Swiss-style CNC machines. The Max-Bar product line offers toolholders and carbide inserts in six separate IC sizes to cover all manufacturing applications.

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