Complete Services Available to Companies that Use Form Tools

July 16,2018
Complete Services Available to Companies that Use Form Tools

Somma Tool Co. announces complete services available to companies that use form tools.  

Somma now supplies all the options needed: Resharpenable quick-change inserts and holders, having inserts that can be resharpened up to 20 or 30 times significantly and reducing machine downtime; single-use “throw away” inserts and economical holders for those who prefer not to resharpen or grind inserts; a “do it yourself program” where Somma provides the insert blanks and EDM fixtures needed to make inserts in-house, an option unique to the industry and only from Somma; and Somma Engineering Services where Somma engineers will, if needed, design the inserts from customer part prints and supply the PDF print and DXF file, all at a reasonable fee.

Traditional dovetail and circular blanks and finish ground to print form tools are also available.

Related Glossary Terms

  • electrical-discharge machining ( EDM)

    electrical-discharge machining ( EDM)

    Process that vaporizes conductive materials by controlled application of pulsed electrical current that flows between a workpiece and electrode (tool) in a dielectric fluid. Permits machining shapes to tight accuracies without the internal stresses conventional machining often generates. Useful in diemaking.