With CenterMaster, the user simply clamps a radio dial gauge into the workspace and sets it to the quill. The gauge and machine wirelessly communicate, automatically adjusting the holder along the X axis. The system then guides the operator through adjusting the Y axis via the machine’s touchscreen display.
The G220 features a Z-axis slide with a motorized milling spindle and hydrodynamically mounted Y/B axis arranged above the axis of rotation. The powerful milling spindle is available with an HSK-T63 interface with specs of 12,000 rpm, 60.3 hp (49 kW) and 53.1 ft lbs (72 Nm) at 25% DC, or an HSK-T40 interface with specs of 18,000 rpm, 25.5 hp (19…
Like its predecessor, the new TNL12 features four tool carriers that can be applied to a workpiece simultaneously, albeit with significant changes to the machine’s kinematics. While the front-working attachment and counter spindle were previously arranged on a single slide, they are now housed on separate slides. This eliminates potential…
INDEX has announced the launch of its next generation MS32-6 multiple-spindle automatic lathe. This newest version of the six-spindle machine brings the benefits of multispindle technology to a broader range of applications thanks to a flexible tool slide platform that greatly reduces changeover times.
INDEX has announced that the iXcenter automation cell is now available with its C Series of turning centers. Docked to the machine and easily slid aside to enable unobstructed access to the work area, iXcenter supports fully automatic machine operation and flexibly manages raw material and finished parts.
INDEX has announced the launch of its new G420 turn/mill center. The machine features identical 3,500-rpm twin spindles with 315 mm (400 mm optional) chucks and a robust 5-axis milling spindle that provides up to 12,000 rpm with an HSK-T63 interface or 18,000 rpm with a Capto C6 interface.
INDEX has announced the release of ChipMaster, a new chip-control software that effectively manages chip formation during turning, facing, contouring and cut off operations in all materials, including soft alloys such as copper and brass. Working within the programmed machining cycle, the software allows shops to avoid stringy chips on every cut,…
The INDEX G220 turn-mill center includes a motorized 5-axis 18,000-rpm milling spindle and a tool turret with a Y-axis, providing maximum machining flexibility for producing complex parts in a single setup from bar stock up to 90 mm in diameter or via a maximum chuck diameter of 210 mm. The distance between spindles is 1,280 mm, and the maximum…
INDEX Corp. has announced iXworld, a new online portal that expands the company’s service offerings and establishes a single interface for a broad spectrum of information and functionality. At launch, iXworld will include four distinct areas: iX4.0, iXplore, iXshop and iXservices. This suite of services will provide customers with fast, secure…
INDEX has developed a new generation of its multispindle automatic lathe series, this time with eight CNC spindles, two back-working spindles for rear-end machining, deploying up to 18 CNC slides (X and Z) and additional Y axes if required. The machine is suitable for high-volume precision work in the automotive, fastener, connector and aerospace…
TRAUB, a brand of the INDEX Group, Reichenbach, Germany, has introduced the sliding/fixed-headstock automatic lathe TRAUB TNL20 that adds numerous improvements in productivity, precision and automation to the TNL line. It can be equipped to use up to four tools simultaneously.
INDEX has developed a new generation of its turn-mill center G200, a compact machine that offers higher performance, potentially up to 30 percent greater productivity, in the same footprint as the earlier generation. The redesign of the machine resulted in an increase of the maximum turning length to 660 mm, a higher performance milling spindle…
The dynamic new generation of the ABC machine from INDEX is ideal for turning out simple to moderately complex parts in cycle times up to 15% faster than the previous generation with rapid spindle acceleration (8 g), shorter spindle ramp-up times, higher rapid traverse rates, and quick chip to chip times, according to the company. Ideal for runs…
The TRAUB TNL18 series Swiss-style automatic lathes perform even more dynamically with an enhanced CNC, axis amplifier and more dynamic drives, resulting in significantly improved accelerations and top speeds. In extensive tests, the developers made sure that the mechanical conditions of the machine harmonize with the new dynamics.
Designed to machine complex parts from bar diameters to 65 mm (2.559 inch) and a length of up to 300 mm (11.811 inch), the TNX65/42 delivers piece costs that are globally competitive. The basis for this productivity is two identical main and counter spindles and four turrets, each capable of holding 10 live or fixed quick change VDI tools.
With three 14-position tool turrets and identical main and counterspindles, the new space-saving INDEX C100s are designed for fast, cost-competitive production of medium complexity parts turned parts from bar stock from 30mm to 42mm diameter. Ideal for small to medium lot sizes, the three-turret machines deliver high performance within a small…
Focusing on the replacement of cam-controlled multi-spindle lathes up to 22 mm bar diameter, the new extended version INDEX MS16 Plus of the MultiLine series is a modular design, 6-spindle CNC multi-spindle lathe. In each work spindle position, the machine can simultaneously accomplish two or more operations., dropping complete parts in very short…
The new TRAUB TNL32-11 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe has a headstock moving in the Z-axis, an upper and identical lower turret with X, Y, and Z-axes, and a counter spindle movable in the X and Z directions. It offers a new front working attachment which sits on an additional cross-slide moving in the X and Z axes, providing the user with…
INDEX has developed a "bevel gear hobbing" package, which consists of a specially designed control cycle and four INDEX cutter heads with module-dependent inserts.
INDEX offers the new MS22C-8, from its Multiline series.
The new INDEX MS40P CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe includes a quillstock with six tool carriers and one counter spindle opposite the main 6-spindle drum, making it possible to machine complex workpieces requiring many tools with highest precision in a single process.
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Machine tool builder INDEX Corp., Noblesville, Ind., named Craig Foster regional sales manager for the upper Midwest and Gino Viviani regional sales manager for the western U.S.
Noblesville, Indiana – INDEX has announced the hiring of Mark Smith as its regional sales manager for the Midwest.
Index Corp., Noblesville, Ind., as part of a revitalized sales, marketing and service strategy, partnered with five new, highly qualified distributors and realigned sales territories.
Index Corp. has announced the hiring of Matt Voyles for the role of service manager. In his position, Voyles will be responsible for overseeing the 22 field service engineers that respond to customer needs across the U.S. and Canada, as well as coordinating with personnel at the Noblesville, Indiana-based machine tool builder's network of 19…
Noblesville, Indiana, November 9, 2018 –INDEX has announced the hiring of 15 new employees over the past five months, with 12 of those filling newly created positions.
Noblesville, Indiana-based Index has named Iniram Precision Machine Tool as its distributor of record for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, western Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and West Virginia. The move reflects Index’s ongoing strategy of partnering with distributors who can offer standard-setting service and support to…