Glebar pairs the wider work wheel with an oscillating regulating wheel powered by servo motors to reduce setup time and improve sphericity. The slides can be programmed to finite positions through a touchscreen HMI. When an operator selects a job, the servo motors automatically adjust to programmed positions which reduces setup time.
Available for 9” and 10” diameter wheels, the machine CNC dresses precision contours in vitrified grinding wheels. The shape can be transferred from a CAD drawing into G-code which the DM-9CNC can read to form the wheel. Alternatively, for simpler geometry, the operator can enter the dress profile in a tabulated form on the 15” touch screen HMI. A…
Real-time balance conditions are indicated on the HMI allowing technicians to predict when the wheel needs to be rebalanced before the surface finish degrades. With the Automatic Balancing System, the operator can balance the wheel successfully in as little as 5 minutes, regardless of skill level.
Glebar’s automatic dresser is available with manual or motorized quill advancement. With motorized quill advancement, it is possible to have a canned dress cycle. Operators can preprogram the frequency of the dress to run after a set number of cycles or time. This allows them to run multiple machines at once increasing their efficiency.
the GT-610 EZ has the ability to produce G-ratios that can exceed those of machines twice its size. When running super abrasives, a variable frequency drive on the work wheel spindle is available to increase wheel surface feet.
Glebar Co. delivered a solution for grinding deodorant balls while reducing cycle times and improving throughput. Glebar developed ball grinding for the golf ball industry in the 1960s using centerless grinding fundamentals. The process was adapted to grind deodorant balls and other spherical or cylindrically shaped components. Glebar machines can…
Electrochemical grinding (ECG) solution provider Tridex Technology, a Glebar Company, provides a burr-free solution for grinding the teeth in arthroscopic shavers with its SG-1645 and SG-2060 burr-free electrochemical surface grinding machines.
Electrochemical grinding (ECG) solution provider Tridex Technology, a Glebar Company, provides a burr-free cutoff solution for stainless steel tubes with the CS1-E burr-free electrochemical cutoff machine.
Glebar Co. announces its new CAM.3 micro grinder. The CAM.3 represents the next generation in Glebar’s 68-year history of providing precision grinding solutions to the medical device industry. Designed from the ground up, the CAM.3 features faster speeds and feeds, larger diameter wheel, increased capability and connection to the IIoT.
Glebar has developed a double-disc grinding process on its DD-7 double-disc grinder for materials suppliers and manufacturers of high-performance composites that expedites the grinding of composite strips used as low friction, bearing elements in various industries from aerospace to automotive, leading to reduced production costs and enhanced…
Glebar Inc. says the GT-610M is an affordable, compact, high-precision centerless infeed/through-feed grinding system, built for the machine shop. The GT-610M includes independent upper and lower slides, and a blade height ramp system for finite blade adjustment.
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Glebar Co., a precision grinding solutions organization, announced the acquisition of Tridex Technology Ltd. Tridex is a leader in electrochemical grinding (ECG) technology, bolstering double-digit growth since inception. Tridex specializes in the design, manufacture, application development and automation of electrochemical grinders, cut off…
Glebar Co., Ramsey, New Jersey, named Josh Wendrickx strategic account manager. He will cover the Midwestern U.S.
RAMSEY, NJ – Manufacturer and solutions provider of fully automated centerless and other types of turnkey precision grinding systems, Glebar Company, announced that it has added two more members to its Sales Team; Mark Kraus and Anthony Pickering.