Flow International Corp. announced the next generation of waterjet software, FlowXpert 2016. FlowXpert is a robust CAD/CAM waterjet software platform for 3D pathing and cutting that allow users to work more effectively in 3D, with less complexity.
Flow International Corp. announced an upgrade to the FlowXpert Software Suite, FlowXpert 2015.
Flow International Corp. announces the next-generation direct-drive ultrahigh-pressure pump technology, the HyPlex Prime.
Flow International Corp. introduces the reportedly only noncontact material height sensing solution available in the industry, the DynaBeam Laser Sensing System.
Royal Engineered Composites successfully installed a Composite Machining Center (CMC). The CMC, built by Flow International Corp., is reportedly the first ever Class B machine to be built.
Flow International Corp. has announced the launch of the Paser 4 Ultra Component Life (UCL) abrasive waterjet cutting head.
June 8, 2020 – KENT, Washington – Flow International Corp., a developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet cutting systems, announced an online trade show series. The first installment, “10 Critical Factors You Can’t Ignore When Considering Waterjet,” will take place June 10 at 11 a.m. Pacific time.
Michael C. Anderson
Feature Article
Flow International Corp. offers this brief animated video demonstration of the waterjet machining process.