Chemtool Inc. announces Lubricut 4284, the newest in its line of high-performance metalworking fluids. Lubricut 4284 is a synthetic coolant, specially formulated for machining and grinding aluminum (and other ferrous and nonferrous alloys).
Chemtool Inc. announces NuSol 21 MW. The new metalworking fluid incorporates a proprietary process that promotes high productivity and minimal downtime for the user. NuSol 21 MW is a suitable replacement for general-purpose synthetic and semisynthetic metalworking fluids in machining and grinding applications and in central systems.
RPAM 700 from Chemtool Inc. is a synthetic, water dilutable corrosion inhibitor/corrosion preventive, based upon an enhanced blend of select amine-surfactant chemistries.
RPA Flame Kool from Chemtool Inc. is a moderate-duty, synthetic metalworking fluid formulated for general utilization on plasma cutting tables.
Lubricut 5000 from Chemtool Inc. is a uniquely formulated metalworking fluid based upon synthetic technologies for utilization as a mist or near dry machining lubricant for all metals.
Lubricut 1117 from Chemtool Inc. is a high-performance and versatile, chlorine free, semi-synthetic based metalworking fluid designed specifically for daily and general applications for both aluminum and ferrous alloys.
NuSol ALUMAX AG is a new technology that Chemtool Inc. has introduced to the metalworking industry for forming of all metals and exotic alloys.
CT 499 from Chemtool Inc. is a uniquely formulated metalworking fluid that is based upon synthetic ester technologies that does not contain chlorine or sulfur.
NuSol 21 Preeminent CP is a new technology that Chemtool Incorporated is introducing to the metalworking industry.
Aero Clean SLC enhanced water-based cleaning products are available from Chemtool Inc.
NuSol Lubriform Superior is a new forming technology that Chemtool Inc. has introduced to the metal forming industry for the forming of ferrous metals and exotic alloys.
Chemtool Inc.'s NuSol ALUMAX 90 is formulated for today's competitive manufacturing environment, which demands one fluid for all machining operations.
ALC 50 from Chemtool Inc. is a water-based, low-temperature alkaline cleaner and conditioner (contains biocidal additives) designed for the internal and external cleaning of metalworking fluid sumps and systems.
NuSoL Alumax 89 continues Chemtool Inc.'s line of enhanced NuSoL products.