Video Reports

Guhring Inc. highlights the features of its System 222 (two cutting edges, 22 mm length) for grooving and parting-off in this brief video.
Greenleaf’s XSYTIN®-360 ceramic end mills combine the company’s phase-toughened XSYTIN®-1 substrate with a unique cutting geometry that offers 10 times higher productivity and tremendous cost savings.
Marzel Neckien, president of W Machine Works, San Fernando, California, invested in smart machine monitoring from FactoryWiz that enabled the shop to collect raw machine data and better understand what was happening on their shop floor.
As this video testimonial shows, Sandvik Coromant, Mebane, North Carolina, trusts CGTech’s VERICUT Force to optimize their toolpaths for better results through complicated cuts while preventing tool deflection, spikes in load, and breakage.
ARCH Cutting Tools offers a video overview of its Patriot high-performance boring bars, which offer tunable internal damping technology to deliver optimal dynamic stability and yield significant increases in machining performance.
This Abanaki Corp. video demonstrates how the company’s Oil Boss oil skimmer provides cost savings by removing unwanted tramp oil and prolonging the life of the coolant.
This Rush Machinery video offers an overview of the company’s CH-CM0406 Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer Machine, which converts full length blank carbide rods into tool blanks that are ready for fluting and finishing grinding.
This Vektek Inc. video shows how manufacturing is a relay race like no other during the tool loading and unloading.
In this video, Preben Hansen, the president of Platinum Tooling, displays and details his company's offerings for the machine tool market. 
Each month, the ANCA Academy show will cover a different technical topic—from set up through to grinding —to help ANCA machine users understand new applications and features. The first episode covers the fundamentals of collet adaptors, what makes them unique and how with some simple tricks, you can reduce your setup time and increase your productivity.
Kirk Stewart, general manager of sales and life services for SW North America Inc., shows off the company's BA 322i machining center — a fully automated, independent manufacturing cell from the floor of EASTEC 2021 in Springfield, Massachussetts. SW North America demonstrates a cut on a slide (a firearm component) to highlight the machine's capabilities, its architecture and integrated loading solution.
With the WPP10G, WPP20G and WPP30G grades, Walter presents the new Tiger·tec® Gold indexable inserts, specially designed for turning operations. The multi-layered, highly textured MT-TiCN Tiger·tec® Gold coating increases tool life by an average of 50%.