RSF MS 45 Linear Encoder

March 13, 2013

The RSF MS 45 from Heidenhain brings to market an exposed linear encoder that features an integrated status display with a multicolor LED to facilitate simple mounting as well as to allow for monitoring signal quality during operation. This frictionless kit style encoder is perfect for motion feedback applications such as the low cost linear motor market where simple and fast mounting of a small encoder is important. It will cover measuring lengths of up to 10 meters (about 32 feet).

The multicolored LED on the MS 45 reader head makes the mounting quality visible at a glance during installation. No further installation aids are required. The status display also makes it possible to quickly and easily check the signal quality right at the reading head during normal operation.

The quality of the incremental signals is clarified by shades of color as well as the blinking of the LED. This makes a very detailed gradation of signal quality possible. The reference mark signal's compliance to mounting tolerances is shown by a pass/fail display. The status display of the reference mark signal is switched off at velocities over approx. 150mm/s in order to prevent permanent blinking.

Besides offering high quality graduations, an accuracy grade of +/-30µm and high reproducibility, the RSF MS 45 also provides a grating period of 200 µm for analog systems (for digital systems, signal periods of 5µm, 1µm and 0.5µm are available).

Related Glossary Terms

  • linear motor

    linear motor

    Functionally the same as a rotary motor in a machine tool, a linear motor can be thought of as a standard permanent-magnet, rotary-style motor slit axially to the center and then peeled back and laid flat. The major advantage of using a linear motor to drive the axis motion is that it eliminates the inefficiency and mechanical variance caused by the ballscrew assembly system used in most CNC machines.