Parts Cleaning Service App

January 15, 2020
Parts Cleaning Service App

Whether it’s a question about a maintenance job, a technical problem or a spare part that’s needed, the new service app for IOS and Android makes it easy to contact the Service team directly at the relevant Ecoclean branch. The two-way, real-time connection via chat function and video telephony with live image transmission allows problems to be solved both quickly and efficiently.

A system reports an error, a problem arises during maintenance work, a spare part is not in stock or there’s a technical query about a machine or process: These are only some of the reasons why the equipment manufacturer’s service team needs to be contacted in order to get a cleaning system operational again as quickly as possible.

To give plant users even faster and more effective support in such cases, Ecoclean also offers a range of digital services. These include the new service app for IOS and Android that is designed for smartphones as well as for the web interfaces of desktops and tablets. The application software, which is currently available in seven different languages, automatically forwards service requests directly to the service staff at the responsible Ecoclean branch.

The app has various menu options for contacting the service team, such as "report malfunction," "spare parts inquiry" and "technical support." This pre-selection helps to ensure that the request is routed to the appropriate member of the relevant service team. If a company has more than one Ecoclean cleaning system in operation, the machine in question can be selected from the "My Machines" menu. This way, service employee know exactly which system is concerned as soon as they are contacted, and have the necessary documentation at hand.

During the service request, a two-way real-time connection with chat, photo and video functions simplifies communication between the machine operator and the Ecoclean service team. For example, the photo of a defective component can be sent live, enabling it to be quickly identified by the service employee and an order or quote initiated. The information and instructions required to remedy a problem or for system maintenance can be transmitted directly to customer’s staff by smartphone. The video chat function allows helpdesk employees to follow the work being carried out in real time and intervene immediately if something goes wrong. With the telephone or chat function, queries can be answered straightaway or more detailed instructions given.

This helps make sure that malfunctions or maintenance tasks are not only rectified or performed more quickly by the plant user's staff but also more reliably. Consequently, the digitized service support minimizes unscheduled machine downtimes and associated production losses. This also reduces the number of necessary trips by support staff, as well as CO2 emissions.

The service app can be downloaded for Android devices from Google Play and for IOS devices from the App Store.

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