Numerik Jena Encoders

January 12, 2012

Heidenhain Corp. offers NUMERIK JENA encoders that are non-magnetic. These linear and rotary encoders have been tested in environments up to 6 Tesla and have no influence on the machine environment. The encoders also can withstand this high magnetic environment without loss of accuracy or resolution and are mechanically stable. Non-magnetic encoders are commonly found in MRI machines, as well as semiconductor and microscopy fields.

NUMERIK JENA's non-magnetic LIK linear series has a 20µm graduation on glass and digital versions can output resolutions to 50 nanometers, where the digitizing electronics reside in the connector. With loose mounting tolerances of the scanning unit in relation to the 20µm scale, and three configurations of mounting the scanning unit, the LIK series provides excellent motion feedback for high magnetic environments.

The RIK rotary series is a kit style bearingless rotary encoder including a disk with various diameters and line counts, and non-magnetic scanning units to match those diameters. The various sized aluminum disks containing a 20µm graduation are to be epoxied to the customer's hub design. NUMERIK JENA can also adhere the disks to your custom hub designs at the factory with your exact specifications and lowest runout errors.

Both encoder systems use the Epiflex Adjustment Tool to enhance the signal margin during installation on the machine. Long cable extensions are also possible for high magnetic field environments.