MTConnect Adapter

March 17, 2017
MTConnect Adapter

In its continuing effort to help manufacturers leverage Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) opportunities to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs, Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. introduces an MTConnect adapter to facilitate shop floor monitoring. MTConnect is an open standard that allows the sharing of a common language between machines and other electrical equipment from various manufacturers.

Compliant with version 1.31 of the MTConnect standard, the new MTConnect adapter captures the NC data from machines on the shop floor in real time and formats it into the MTConnect standard. Using one common communication tool for all equipment eliminates the need for specialized, proprietary software from multiple equipment vendors.

 The MTConnect adapter combined with a third-party client software interface gives executive management, plant managers and shop floor personnel a complete overview of shop floor activity. Armed with that data, shop floor personnel can quickly detect problems or inefficiencies in their production line and take action to remedy the situation.

“IIoT has the ability to transform the manufacturing industry. We want to help our customers create a truly connected production line and our MTConnect adapter is a giant step forward in that process,” said Steve Dumont, vice president, technical service and support, Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. “Using MTConnect with our MTConnect adapter has the potential to boost overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for those manufacturing leaders who are embracing IIoT.”

Machine tools in North America equipped with the latest Mitsubishi Electric CNCs can immediately use the MTConnect adapter to connect equipment on their shop floors.

Related Glossary Terms

  • numerical control ( NC)

    numerical control ( NC)

    Any controlled equipment that allows an operator to program its movement by entering a series of coded numbers and symbols. See CNC, computer numerical control; DNC, direct numerical control.