Mastercam Art

October 01, 2010

Mastercam Art from CNC Software Inc. lets users quickly bring 2D sketches, clip art, photos, and CAD files to 3D life by crafting them on-screen and cutting them with easy, specialized toolpaths. Users can quickly shape and change their model on-screen until it looks the way they want it. Mastercam Art includes great visualization tools and instant editing features. Mastercam Art tracks your model step by step, allowing for quick and easy modifications at any time. Mastercam Art lets you go from "art to part" with a single software package. A simple process takes you from your flat art to a beautifully sculpted piece that comes off the machine with exactly the look you want.

Here is how:

Import Art — Bring in clip art, a CAD file, or a scanned image. Mastercam converts the artwork into flat, machinable geometry.

Build a 3D Model — Quickly create a full 3D sculpture from your 2D artwork by working with elements of your flat art.

Create a Toolpath — Select one of Mastercam Art's specialized toolpaths to cut your project.

Machine it on-screen — Using Mastercam's solid model verification, you can see an on-screen machining simulation before you put stock on the machine.

Output Code — Quickly create G-code for your machine using Mastercam's extensive post processor library.

New functions include perfect grayscale export of your Art model for 3D laser cutting, and four new toolpaths for artistic cutting needs.

Related Glossary Terms

  • computer numerical control ( CNC)

    computer numerical control ( CNC)

    Microprocessor-based controller dedicated to a machine tool that permits the creation or modification of parts. Programmed numerical control activates the machine’s servos and spindle drives and controls the various machining operations. See DNC, direct numerical control; NC, numerical control.

  • computer-aided design ( CAD)

    computer-aided design ( CAD)

    Product-design functions performed with the help of computers and special software.

  • flat ( screw flat)

    flat ( screw flat)

    Flat surface machined into the shank of a cutting tool for enhanced holding of the tool.

  • solid model

    solid model

    3-D model created using “building blocks.” This is the most accurate way of representing real-world objects in CAD.

  • toolpath( cutter path)

    toolpath( cutter path)

    2-D or 3-D path generated by program code or a CAM system and followed by tool when machining a part.