LMF Laser Marker Series Software and Control Card Update

May 01, 2015

Amada Miyachi America Inc. announces the latest update of their LMF laser marker series' software and control card. These updates introduce graphic file editing capability and enhance functionality for marker operation on a production line.

Specifically, these enhancements add advanced marking features including editing of nodes within graphic vector files. In addition, Marker Motion, QR codes and true type fonts are supported for operation in a production line.

The graphic editing feature allows users to edit vector files (e.g., DXF) directly in the WinLase software's (LMF series markers' standard configuration software) graphical user interface (GUI). This gives users the freedom to adjust node locations, close paths and more directly modify the graphic files within the WinLase interface instead of requiring a third-party software.

Building on its industry-leading capability for marker operation in production lines, the enhancement of the LMF's software and control card expands its capability and improves Marker Motion, marking of QR codes and true type fonts (TTF) when operated in our standalone mode; for example, when run externally by PLC.


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