Dot Peen Marking Combo Model

August 26, 2022
Combo Model Can Swith From Portable to Bench Top Mode

Lightweight but strong, energy self-sufficient and equipped The Combo model fits to all users’ needs and allows the switch from portable with embedded intelligence designed for the 4.0 industry, discover the latest machines from the Connect.series range globally launched in 2021.

Easy, the dot peen solution with its master template, offers more freedom to the users thanks to its wireless connectivity between the head and its controller (its secure Wifi connection protocol offers a freedom of movement of 10 m). Available with two marking windows sizes (120*60 mm and 60*30 mm), the marking head is energy self-sufficient thanks to its lithium ion 22V battery which allows it to mark up to 3 times more than similar machines on the market.

The unit control of the Connect.series range, with its compact size, has a large 10’’ touch screen in tempered glass and pairs in just a few seconds to the marking head thanks to the RFID technology. It can connect to the network and exchange data with the information system (ERP, MES). Its intuitive software developped by Technomark make marking possible within 3 clicks.

As for the accessories, the head is equipped in standard with a 5 in 1 support foot which simplifies markings on all surface shapes.

The Combo model fits to all users needs and allows the switch from portable to a benchtop mode in less than 10 seconds. It is equipped with an ergonomic and universal mounting base to make easy and quick height adjustments. It also allows to fix various universal clamping systems. Only available with a marking window of 120*60mm, this model is suitable with a roraty axis to make circumferential markings.

In order to offer turn-key solutions to its customers and partners, Technomark has developped various controller and machine holders to create areas fully dedicated to traceability.

The Graphix.series range and its brand new all-in-one station model bring a new user experience with new functions, and shakes the code of the fiber laser marking in the industry, thanks to its amazing simplicity.

The design of the new Graphix marking station includes with its new design, an important loading capacity, and an assisted door opening with to 2 positions, all in an minimum space required thanks to its embedded control electronics. It also offers precision and a high speed of execution, thanks to 3 levels of power available (20, 30 et 50W). Multi-level markings are possible and 2D code marking is optimized thanks to a play of contrast. But its best asset is its control software developped by Technomark

An incredibly easy software

The new control software of the Graphix laser station has an unseen function which allows, thanks to a material database, to set up and success a marking without any specific knowledge.

It is now possible to set up marking in a few clicks with the two main user profiles. The first is dedicated to the experts, who really know the marking settings. They can set up the frequency, scan speed, power and the filling style desired (vertical, crossed, horizontal). The second is for begginers and allows the user to launch the marking, depending on the material used and the rendering. The operator just has to choose his main constraint among 3 options: contrast, depth or speed. According to the selection, the software will set up the marking and launch it.

In order to create the best user experience and make laser marking accessible to everyone, the software is coupled with an embedded camera. This new function called Smart view allows users to preview the marking with their proposed marking cha