LENOX METALMAX Diamond Abrasive Cutoff Wheels

November 03, 2016
LENOX METALMAX Diamond Abrasive Cutoff Wheels

LENOX announced the launch of LENOX METALMAX diamond abrasive, a new alternative to abrasive cutoff wheels for increased durability and smooth, clean and even cuts. LENOX METALMAX offers a solution for pain points bonded abrasives can bring, including diameter retention and less dust residue.

Made with metal cutting diamonds bonded to the wheel’s surface, LENOX METALMAX is manufactured with a proprietary technology allowing the diamonds to endure high cutting speeds and temperatures while maintaining superior cutting properties. LENOX METALMAX diamond abrasives deliver 1,000 or more cuts with no need for wheel changes, providing 30 times longer wheel life than thin bonded abrasive cut-off wheels.

The solid steel body design reduces the risk of breakage and its diamond cutting edge wheel does not wear away, allowing it to hold its original wheel diameter until the very last cut. Because LENOX METALMAX doesn’t wear out, there is substantial reduction of odor and airborne particles for less dust residue in the workspace.

“For those tradespeople who work with abrasives on a regular basis, it’s important for them to have a durable tool,” said Matthew Lacroix. “LENOX METALMAX has been created to provide easy handling and control, while providing the durability and precision needed on every single cut.”

LENOX METALMAX works in multiple applications, with the same power tools as bonded abrasives and in a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rebar, sheet metal, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. LENOX METALMAX includes a complete line with 15 products. Some of the most common sizes are:

  • 4” thin cut-off wheel, angle grinder
  • 4.5” thin cut-off wheel, angle grinder
  • 7” thin cut-off wheel, angle grinder/circular saw
  • 14” cut-off wheel, chop saw

3” cut-off wheel, die grinder

Average performance for 4.5 inch wheel in one inch carbon steel square tube vs. thin bonded abrasive cut-off wheels

Related Glossary Terms

  • abrasive


    Substance used for grinding, honing, lapping, superfinishing and polishing. Examples include garnet, emery, corundum, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride and diamond in various grit sizes.

  • bonded abrasive

    bonded abrasive

    Abrasive grains mixed with a bonding agent. The mixture is pressed to shape and then fired in a kiln or cured. Forms include wheels, segments and cup wheels. Bond types include oxychloride, vitrified, silicate, metal, resin, plastic, rubber and shellac. Another type of bond is electroplated, wherein the abrasive grains are attached to a backing by a thick layer of electroplated material.

  • cutoff


    Step that prepares a slug, blank or other workpiece for machining or other processing by separating it from the original stock. Performed on lathes, chucking machines, automatic screw machines and other turning machines. Also performed on milling machines, machining centers with slitting saws and sawing machines with cold (circular) saws, hacksaws, bandsaws or abrasive cutoff saws. See saw, sawing machine; turning.

  • sawing machine ( saw)

    sawing machine ( saw)

    Machine designed to use a serrated-tooth blade to cut metal or other material. Comes in a wide variety of styles but takes one of four basic forms: hacksaw (a simple, rugged machine that uses a reciprocating motion to part metal or other material); cold or circular saw (powers a circular blade that cuts structural materials); bandsaw (runs an endless band; the two basic types are cutoff and contour band machines, which cut intricate contours and shapes); and abrasive cutoff saw (similar in appearance to the cold saw, but uses an abrasive disc that rotates at high speeds rather than a blade with serrated teeth).


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