Heavy-Duty Multipole Rectangular Connectors

July 29, 2019
Heavy-Duty Multipole Rectangular Connectors

Mencom offers a broad range of heavy-duty multipole rectangular connectors for industrial applications. The new MKAX-IF bulkhead mounting base designed for ease of installation with the convenient round (M32) mounting thread is the latest addition to the cost-effective, space-saving, size 21.21 metal housings from ILME. 

No longer do end users need to cut a square opening in the panel and punch additional holes for mounting screws.  Fewer holes mean less opportunity for ingress. The MKAX-IF offers IP69 protection when coupled with the CKR-65 insert washer and screw.

The Size 21.21 enclosures are widely utilized when panel real estate is limited. ILME offers a range of inserts to use with this housing, from a standard 10amp 4 pole up to a compact 40amp 4 pole. The standard MKAX-IF is made of die-cast aluminum and coated with epoxy-polyester powder. 

They are also available in a hi-temp (180° C), EMC and aggressive environment design. Although smaller in size than some of the other connectors offered by ILME, the size 21.21 enclosures provide the same resistance to impacts, strong mechanical stress and vibrations.

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