GMauvaisUSA Microdrills

May 13,2013

Hassay Savage Co. has introduced its GMauvaisUSA microdrill line to the North American market. The quality of the product line combined with its competitive pricing make this an attractive program, according to the company. Pronounced "GEE-MAH-VAY-USA," the factory is located in Europe and has been supplying precision products since 1928. Supplying the Swiss watch industry for many years, GMauvaisUSA is all about micro precision.

Standard product sizes starting at .1mm (.0039") to 3mm (.118") with a complete program in both HSS-E 8 percent cobalt and 10 percent micrograin solid carbide, including center-pilot-spot, 4-5 X D, 5-7 X D and 6-7 X D HP (High Performance) series. Custom products made to order (10 piece minimums) in 2-3 week leadtimes.