FK-5-1-12 Agent

July 11, 2023
FK-5-1-12 Agent, Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) Fire Suppression Systems Designed for Micro Environments

Firetrace International, a supplier of fire suppression technology to the manufacturing and machining industry, today announced the launch of its alternative FK-5-1-12 agent, indirect low pressure (ILP) fire suppression systems designed for micro environments. 

The new system is an update of Firetrace’s existing ILP clean agent product line, which mitigates the risk of a lack of supply of chemical clean agents by using alternatively sourced FK-5-1-12 agent. In updating the system to allow the use of other sources of chemical agent, the new design provides continuity to the fire suppressions systems in the market and brings more flexibility and strength to the supply chain. 

As part of the upgrade, Firetrace has innovated the design of the system and introduced new features that will enable the protection of larger areas, simpler installations, and easier maintenance. These upgrades include a new 20lb system, the redesign of the valve assembly, single nozzle features, and cylinder changes.  

“We prioritize our partners and are dedicated to protecting their interests and on ensuring business continuity no matter what happens in the wider market,” says Safiyyah Khan, Vice President of Marketing Firetrace International. “In response to the Aim Act and 3M’s announcement we have kicked into high gear to innovate and provide a solution for our customers, which is not only an improvement over our previous system but is more feasible and flexible as the industry moves forward.” 

“We support the goal of the AIM Act to facilitate environmental sustainability by encouraging the use of low GWP alternatives,” continues Khan, Firetrace International. “Our new system enables us to provide an immediate solution to our customers to ensure there is no disruption to fire protection, but we are continuing to look into alternative technologies that are effective and affordable to ensure we are providing the industry with the best solutions possible.” 

The new 20lb FK-5-1-12 ILP product enables Firetrace to offer its global customers in manufacturing, machining and clean energy, a system that is UL Listed and FM Approved, to protect larger enclosures for CNC machines and electrical cabinets and components.

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