deTec4 Core Safety Light Curtain

March 13, 2013

SICK announced the launch of the deTec4 Core safety light curtain. Ideal for hazardous point protection and single-sided access protection, the low-cost deTec4 Core features a sleek, low-profile design for quick and easy machine integration.

The deTec4 Core is a guard-only safety light curtain that offers QuickFix and FlexFix brackets, which can be positioned in any location on the housing without causing blind zones. With a unique built-in automatic range detection of 10 m, the deTec4 Core is able to automatically determine the distance to the sender, which eliminates any manual setup of the sensing distance. In addition, integrated LEDs and diagnostic functions save time and reduce costs during installation and alignment.

The deTec4 Core offers a rugged IP 67 industrial design and an operating temperature down to -30 degrees C, making it suitable for low-pressure wash down and cold storage applications. The deTec4 Core is available in heights from 300mm to 2100mm with 14 and 30mm resolutions. One of the easiest light curtains to install, the deTec4 Core can be used in machine building, consumer goods, and storage and conveyor applications.