DC Series Dust Collection System

August 13, 2013

Airflow Systems Inc.'s DC Series high-volume dust collection system provides facility-wide collection and high-efficiency filtration of airborne dusts generated during bulk material processing and packaging operations. The DC Series is constructed with seam-welded panels to eliminate filter by-pass and the escape of dirty air back into the facility that may occur with bolt-on panel construction. The direct-drive motor/blower design eliminates drive belt replacement, reducing maintenance downtime and costs.

More efficient than constant-speed blower designs, the variable frequency drive blower, available on the DC Series, reduces total in-use power consumption by modulating fan speed while maintaining the required static pressure during the fluctuating power needs of an application. The Vibra-Pulse filter cleaning system extends filter life and reduces replacement costs by combining compressed air and a high-pressure, random-motion impactor hose to knock dirt out from deep within the filter pleats and return the filter to its original holding capacity. DC Series units offer air flow levels from 600 to 6,800 cubic feet per minute (CFM).