D-Greeze-500 LO

April 07, 2021
Fast Acting, Safe Tube and Pipe Degreaser

Removing grease and oils from tubes and pipes requires cleaning both the inside and outside surfaces. Degreasing small diameter curved tubes and pipes is a challenge which requires high temperature and costly equipment. Solvent Kleene, Peabody MA is offering an immersion type degreaser which performs at room temperature and quickly penetrates small and angled tubes and pipes dissolving grease, oils and other soils. D-Greeze™-500 LO is non-hazardous and non-HAP offering features and performance which greatly reduce energy and specialized equipment costs. While designed to be a slow evaporator, when quick drying is required it can be instantly blown off using blower generated  low pressure high velocity air through an air knife. 

D-Greeze™-500 LO is packed in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Free test samples are available