Corded Grinders

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July 17, 2018
Corded Grinders

DEWALT launches five corded grinders featuring efficient brushless motors that offer durability without requiring brush changes and provide unique user protection features.

At only 5.3 lbs. and 13.4" long, the 5” Slide Switch Small Angle Grinder (DWE43231VS) achieves up to 13 amps and 1800 MWO. The 5” Slide Switch Small Angle Grinder features the E-Clutch System and a Kickback Brake. The E-Clutch System automatically shuts down the motor when a wheel pinch in detected. The E-Clutch System and Kickback Brake work together to automatically stop the tool and shut it down whenever a pinch or stall is detected. The grinder also comes with two removable mesh screens that help to block debris from entering the tool during use. Finally, the grinder features an on/off trigger switch that has a no-volt release function, to help prevent accidental turn-on. In the event of a power outage or other unexpected shut down, the trigger switch will need to be cycled (turned off and then on) to restart tool.

In addition to the variable speed slide switch unit, there are other switch options available such as the 5”/ 6” Paddle Switch Small Angle Grinder (DWE43244N) and 5”/6” Trigger Switch Small Angle Grinder (DWE43265N), which both feature the Lanyard Ready integrated lanyard connection point, E-Clutch System, Kickback Brake and Brake. The brake quickly brings the wheel to a stop in one second or less when the trigger is released while using 6” type 1 cutting wheels. At only 6 lbs. and 13.6" long, the 5”/6” Paddle Switch Small Angle Grinder achieves up to 13 amps and 1800 MWO. With a convenient paddle switch, this grinder is suitable for metalworking applications.

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