CO 24 Q SG Depressed-Center Grinding Wheels

April 13, 2016

PFERD INC. says its latest depressed-center grinding wheels feature an advanced ceramic oxide grain that delivers excellent stock-removal rates, long service life and cost-cutting performance. Ideally suited for working with steel and stainless steel, the new wheels, designated CO 24 Q SG, have a hardness grade Q and excel at a variety of applications, including weld grinding, chamfering, deburring and surface grinding.

The grinding wheels achieve optimal results on high-powered angle grinders, and are available in sizes ranging from 4.5 in. dia. x ¼-in. thickness and a maximum rpm of 13,300 to 9 in. dia. x ¼-in. thickness and a maximum rpm of 6,600.

The ceramic-oxide grinding wheel employs contamination-free abrasives without fillers and is rated for stainless steel (INOX).

Related Glossary Terms

  • chamfering


    Machining a bevel on a workpiece or tool; improves a tool’s entrance into the cut.

  • grinding


    Machining operation in which material is removed from the workpiece by a powered abrasive wheel, stone, belt, paste, sheet, compound, slurry, etc. Takes various forms: surface grinding (creates flat and/or squared surfaces); cylindrical grinding (for external cylindrical and tapered shapes, fillets, undercuts, etc.); centerless grinding; chamfering; thread and form grinding; tool and cutter grinding; offhand grinding; lapping and polishing (grinding with extremely fine grits to create ultrasmooth surfaces); honing; and disc grinding.

  • grinding wheel

    grinding wheel

    Wheel formed from abrasive material mixed in a suitable matrix. Takes a variety of shapes but falls into two basic categories: one that cuts on its periphery, as in reciprocating grinding, and one that cuts on its side or face, as in tool and cutter grinding.

  • hardness


    Hardness is a measure of the resistance of a material to surface indentation or abrasion. There is no absolute scale for hardness. In order to express hardness quantitatively, each type of test has its own scale, which defines hardness. Indentation hardness obtained through static methods is measured by Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and Knoop tests. Hardness without indentation is measured by a dynamic method, known as the Scleroscope test.

  • surface grinding

    surface grinding

    Machining of a flat, angled or contoured surface by passing a workpiece beneath a grinding wheel in a plane parallel to the grinding wheel spindle. See grinding.