ATEX Rotary Encoders

March 01, 2014

HEIDENHAIN unveils a new line of rotary encoders for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX). Many industries, such as oil and gas, printing, and silage, operate in such environments. The ExN 400 encoders feature a 12mm blind hollow shaft in the new, sturdy design with increased wall thickness.

The ExN 400 encoders are resistant to shock up to 1500 m/s2 (for 2ms) and vibration up to 100 m/s2. These IP 66 ATEX encoders handle shaft speeds up to 6000 rpm in a temperature range from -20 degrees C to +60 degrees C.

The HEIDENHAIN ATEX encoder family already includes solid shaft incremental or absolute encoders of the ROx 400 series. Absolute ATEX encoders will now feature ASIC scanning technology, available with EnDat or SSI interfaces. ASIC technology allows for improved signal generation, less interpolation error, and more reliable performance in the electronics. HEIDENHAIN ATEX encoders are certified for operation in Zones 1 or 21 of equipment group II (above ground applications).

Related Glossary Terms

  • interpolation


    Process of generating a sufficient number of positioning commands for the servomotors driving the machine tool so the path of the tool closely approximates the ideal path. See CNC, computer numerical control; NC, numerical control.