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Using multiple tools for an application can often slow you down, but with indexable port-cutting drills, machining ports can be much simpler.
In the manufacture of cutting tools for metalworking, the dovetailing of climate and environmental protection with production profitability is becoming increasingly important.
Smart software is paving the way to optimized production and improved decision-making. Digital technology and smart software have already transformed the machining industry with unprecedented access to actionable data for better results in less time.
Engineering has long been male-dominated, but Seco Tools is working to encourage more gender diversity.
Additive manufacturing is set to revolutionize composite production in the defense, aerospace and additional industries.
Sustainability. Autonomy. Collaboration. These topics were amply covered at Stockholm-headquartered Hexagon AB’s HxGN Live Global 2023 conference, which took place June 12-15 at the Caesars Forum conference center in Las Vegas.
The American Ladder Institute is spreading the word about safe ladder practices and training opportunities. Here are safety tips to keep in mind.
Toolboxes and bags go back a long way in human history. Once a tool was found to be useful, it became valuable and was worth keeping. A tool and the skills to use it are closely connected. Mechanical people object strongly to any interference with their tools just as musicians would object to someone tampering with their instruments.
Photochemical etching is the perfect choice for metal component production in the quickly changing alternative powertrain supply chain.
Electron Engineering Services is a machine tool company specializing in machine refurbishment and CNC retrofitting, including re-engineering, re-manufacture, and retrofit. Electron was retrofitting a grinding machine to turn it into an accurate grinder by installing servo systems instead of hydraulics.
2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the invention of cemented carbide. This class of alloys, known for its ability to withstand high temperatures and fast machining, is the foundation of many modern machine tools. Cemented carbide has a rich history, both for the industry and for Sandvik Coromant. What might the next 100 years hold?
Bearing longevity and efficiency depend on how well you maintain them. Even quality bearings can quickly wear or (worse) completely fail prior to their predicted B10 life if not properly maintained.  
Amid global rivalries and increasing demand for rare earth magnets, more precise, efficient grinding technology offers proactive manufacturers a competitive advantage.
Energy topics, such as production and efficiency, are more concerning today than ever. The growth of clean energy technologies is relentless, and companies want to manage energy budgets efficiently, The carbon footprint of products will probably become a sales criterion soon.
An LK Metrology portable arm with a 2-meter reach halves the time for inspecting large components.
Suburban Tool Inc., a well-known tooling manufacturer, installed a new Mazak HCN-10800 horizontal machining center with an expansive 1,000 mm pallet size and 4-ton part capacity that allows the Auburn Hills, Michigan, company to bring bigger-size tombstone machining in-house.
Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows Seco Tools to create products that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to manufacture. The advantages include shorter lead times, improved tool life and increased sustainability.
The tool manufacturing industry is embracing automation solutions at an unprecedented pace. This is a worldwide trend driven by several factors, and manufacturers need to be more flexible and responsive than ever before.
The automotive industry has the largest number of robots working in factories around the world. Operational stock has hit a record of about 1 million units.
Safety managers take on the hefty responsibility of keeping employees safe. Here are five tips to make the job easier.