WFL supports Tools for Life's latest water projects

February 13, 2024 - 08:45am
WFL Tools for Life

WFL Millturn is a supporter of the Tools for Life program that is dedicated to helping people in four key areas: water, energy, education, and climate protection. 

Tools for Life, founded in 2008, deals with sustainable goals such as high-quality education, clean water, and sanitary facilities. While such basic needs are well-covered in Western countries, developing countries are still facing immense challenges regarding these matters. The foundation works on various projects to provide emergency aid to people in need.

Alexandru Zettl, marketing project manager of the Tools for Life Foundation, talks about his trip to Senegal and his participation and assistance in two local projects.

The trip was in some ways a debut, as he was accompanied by "Lee" (@thepeakyplumber), a gas engineer and plumbing, heating and air conditioning technician from Yorkshire, England, as well as two plant mechanics, Jacky (@jackymeetsbaustelle) and Tony (@tonytornado2020) from East Frisia, Northern Germany, who have been working together on construction sites for 15 years.

Water tanks and water pipes for school wells 
water projectThe first stop for the team was in Ngollar, western Senegal, where a project is being supervised in cooperation with "Water for Senegal – Help to Africa e.V."

An elementary school, which is co-financed by Tools for Life, was struggling with a lack of water in the sanitary facilities.

Thanks to the talented craftsmen, the installation of two new water tanks, which were connected to the well, and the replacement of the water pipes were completed quickly. The helping locals were delighted and amazed at the speed and efficiency of the work. Project manager Rahim joked about the differences between the two worlds and commented that "people hurry up rather slowly here".

Water for the garden
The second project took the team to Nguembe, where Dr. Helmut Rothenberger had donated a garden for a women's group some years ago. The garden lacked a water pipe to the well, which was then built by our professionals and helping local community members.

A particularly pleasing consequence of this project is that Tools for Life has received many inquiries from craftsmen, expressing an interest in participating in similar projects. There will be more such projects in the future.

"We definitely plan to carry out such projects more often in the future, as it is an easy way to help and impart knowledge at the same time."

To help WFL support Tools for Life, make donations to: 

Donation account Tools for Life
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