Industry News for 01/2023

What do tool and cutter grinders and buildings have in common? The importance of having a solid foundation.
The metal coatings industry is dominated by large corporations that provide a wide selection of outstanding paints but may be too rigid to cater to special application needs. Every coating application has specific parameters, but if the coating does not work properly straight out of the drum, the end user is out of luck. The story is different at Cortec, where a flexible customer service mindset helps users adapt the right coating to individualized needs.
Making cars lighter, more energy efficient and safer is a challenge for the entire automotive industry. American electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors chose a new, innovative technology to address the challenge.
The M30 Millturn is one of the most popular and successful WFL machines in the extensive Millturn range. The classic Millturn complete machining centers ushered in a completely new era in their original version more than 25 years ago.
Growth in the animal health industry saw the company invest in an FX5E to keep up with demand.
With the new year comes new goals, and safety professionals know that smart budgeting is often an important factor in achieving those goals.
China’s massive investment in industrial robotics has put the country in the top ranking of robot density, surpassing the United States for the first time.
The proud and once-booming trade of toolmaking has been challenged to find its place in a new century. Here’s how one mold and die shop is using machine tool technology to invest in the future of its employees and grow its business.
The company’s biggest challenge is not only finding people to work but finding those with enough knowledge to operate the equipment.
Micrometal GmbH, an expert at the photochemical etching process, developed a white paper, “Unlocking the True Potential of Precision Metal Fabrication," which analyzes PCE.
Photochemical etching is a metal processing technology that produces stress-free, flat components by selective etching through a photo-resist mask. It is especially well suited to the manufacturing of precision parts.
Trenton, a manufacturer of machines and tractors used for agricultural applications, has invested in new inspection technologies to improve quality and its processes.
Using scanning sprays can achieve better detection of the workpiece location.
Deep-hole drilling counts among the special disciplines within the field of machining, particularly as these kinds of machining steps usually require special equipment in terms of both tools and machines.
Comfortable, protective sleeves are now available all the way up to ANSI Cut Level A9.