Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products

Star AR Support Solutions

The Star AR solution is designed for ease of use. Customers may either rent AR glasses from Star Cutter or purchase their own set. When an incident occurs, an AR session is initiated through a service request and the connection made via wireless technologies. Connecting via a PC, the Star Cutter technician is able to see exactly what the operator is seeing on the machine, enabling remote training, immediate insight on machine tool issues, execution of simple maintenance tasks and assistance with applications setup.

MD173 Supreme, MD177 Supreme

The MD173 Supreme is a roughing cutter designed specifically for dynamic milling and for reducing machining time. Its cutting edges equipped with chip breakers enable excellent chip breaking, permitting superior process reliability with high metal removal rates, a plus for users with automated production processes. The MD177 Supreme is a finishing cutter that creates very smooth surfaces without "waterlines."

OptiMAX Waterjet

The culmination of three decades of OMAX engineering expertise and real-world operator experience, the OptiMAX is designed for manufacturers in need of a versatile, easy-to-use cutting system. It offers OMAX’s intuitive software for optimized cutting capability and power, along with improved automation to maximize uptime. Companies can complete a greater range of work, more efficiently, and deliver finished products faster.