The multifunctional turning-boring-milling center is designed for complete machining of complex chuck and shaft parts up to 670 mm swing over bed. Turning, milling, drilling, hobbing, shaping, gun drilling as well as ID machining can be performed under any angle of the tool. The interpolation of up to 5 axes makes machining of any geometrical…
The M20 MILLTURN has a one piece, straight-lined appearance, with a modern, functional design. The continuous front made from hardened glass features an integrated display of performance data as well a sliding window to the tool magazine. The machine's fresh appearance is further supported by its new colouring. Optimum ergonomics as well as…
For the Austria-based Wittmann Battenfeld company, it's all about plastic. The company utilizes a modern, diverse and modular range of machines for processing plastics and other plasticisable materials, including the M30 Millturn from WFL Millturn Technologies.
Armored vehicles need huge levels of drive torque to get going. To deliver the necessary propulsive force, manufacturers rely on transmissions from Augsburg-based Renk GmbH, the specialist in fully automatic transmissions for heavy-tracked military vehicles. And wherever top performance is required, you can be sure that solutions from WFL are not…
The M30 Millturn is one of the most popular and successful WFL machines in the extensive Millturn range. The classic Millturn complete machining centers ushered in a completely new era in their original version more than 25 years ago.
The aviation industry represents an important market segment for WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG. This industrial sector increasingly requires ever more materials that are deemed to be difficult to machine.
Vecoplan supplies outstanding machine and plant technology for the economical processing of residual materials and waste for the purposes of material and thermal recycling. A new turning machine has cut machining time in half.
Automation tasks are becoming more challenging. However, using intelligent software in combination with the relevant automation solutions not only enables workpieces to be loaded and unloaded but also means that machine tools can be set up fully automatically through the automatic replacement of tools and clamping devices.
The transnational ‘EuProGigant’ project aims to ensure smart, sovereign use of data for production and bring this to Europe.
WFL Millturn supports the Tools for Life program that is dedicated to helping people in four key areas: water, energy, education, and climate protection.
Mikrosan has a complete manufacturing process chain. Its core competence is the manufacturing of all the screws and barrels in-house, as customer requirements can be better fulfilled.
Deep-hole drilling counts among the special disciplines within the field of machining, particularly as these kinds of machining steps usually require special equipment in terms of both tools and machines.
Energy topics, such as production and efficiency, are more concerning today than ever. The growth of clean energy technologies is relentless, and companies want to manage energy budgets efficiently, The carbon footprint of products will probably become a sales criterion soon.
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After a four-month voting period with around 20,000 votes cast, winners in 24 categories of the Best of Industry Awards have now been determined. WFL Millturn Technologies was one of the winners, earning the award in the Modular Machine Concept category.