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With a smaller diameter, quick change discs provide ease of use on intricate parts and excellent control when shaping or blending surface portions, especially on flat surfaces.  Moderate flexibility of quick change discs and their holders allows contouring and access to inner corners.  These unique quick change functionality reduces changeover…
Made without a scrim reinforcement, the SHUR-BRITE® Satin Finishing materials are lighter, more pliable, and conformable than other non-woven materials.  Suitable for wet or dry applications, they are resistant to loading, and produce consistent performance throughout their extended life.  Available with ¼” shank, 2-inch width, and 3- or 4-inch…
ALPHA-KUT™ consists of triangular, precision-formed abrasive grains which exhibit the continually self-sharpening properties and wear characteristics of ceramics, delivering a consistent cutting action over a long service life.  The grain strength is complemented by a rigid fiber backing for stability, allowing added pressure for maximum stock…
With repeatable finishes, SHUR-BRITE® belts are ideal for large scale robotic applications.  Users can create linear scratch patterns on stainless steel food equipment, and blend or re-orient scratch patterns after repairs.  High edge durability and flexibility without chunking, and smear-free removal of oxidation, paint or adhesives make them…
Ceramic cartridge rolls feature self-sharpening grains which continually produce fresh cutting points which easily cut through stainless and alloys.  Self-sharpening grains also reduce friction and prolong cut rates.  Additional grinding aid further reduces heat for extended wear and reduced downtime.  Multiple layers wear away to expose fresh…
Customization allows manufacturers to match abrasives to their application requirements to more efficiently process the workpiece.  Custom order available with industry-leading lead times.  A fully stocked Application Engineering Lab and assistance to determine best methods and tools are available. 
Utilizing a newly engineered flexible backing, highly flexible Kushion Kut quick-change discs from Superior Abrasives are for contour sanding.
Utilizing newly engineered ceramic grain, high-performance Rigid Kut quick-change discs from Superior Abrasives are designed for demanding burrs, heavy stock removal, and weld grinding.
Superior Abrasives has launched a new line of Ceramic Cartridge Rolls.

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Superior Abrasives LLC enhanced its customer reach and support programs with new appointments in sales and service-related positions. In doing so, national sales management has been divided into Eastern and Western regions, improving accessibility and partnership management.