Zenith is Rigibore’s automated solution to producing micron accurate bores. The Zenith solution offers significant savings and a tangible return on investment by reducing labor costs, eliminating scrap and supporting 24-hour production through lights-out manufacturing.
The ActiveEdge Nexus from Rigibore includes coarse-adjustment and fine-setting capabilities, in addition to automatic cutting edge compensation in the machine tool. This design is a self-contained module added to flanges.
Rigibore’s ActiveEdge is an automatically adjustable boring tool, allowing a close tolerance bore diameter to be maintained without the need for an operator’s intervention. This innovative system allows micron-accurate adjustments to be made on up to five individually adjustable cutting edges on the boring tool.
Rigibore announced that it is entering the small-hole boring market.
Modern CNC machines, regardless of their sophistication, cannot automatically compensate a boring tools cutting edge.
Rigibore’s special tooling capabilities allow multiple features to be machined on a single tool, performing two or more critical operations simultaneously, reducing cycle time.
The Zenith two-cut finish solution ensures precision performance, automatically backing off the cutting edge to machine a pre-finish boring hole that it then measures and records the value in the machine control, which uses the value to compensate for the finish bore.
Rigibore’s ActiveEdge Apex revolutionises fine boring, operating as a fully integrated, closed-loop solution to automatically compensate as the tool wears.
Rigibore runs a specialized subprogram that ensures precision accuracy after an insert change.