Omegasonics announced that it is offering ultrasonic cleaning machines that are completely customizable. Omegasonics offers more than 50 different ultrasonic cleaning units, including industrial and bench top washers. However, if one of its existing machines does not meet a customer’s requirements, Omegasonics will customize a machine to the…
Omegasonics announced Plural Additive Manufacturing, the exclusive North American distributor for industrial 3D printers manufactured by 3ntr, is offering Omegasonics new 815BTX cleaning unit to those purchasing its 3D printers to assist with removing support material.
Omegasonics announced it has further enhanced its 3D support structure cleaning equipment lineup, the 1900BTX, with a new programmable cycle which provides for complete hands-free cleaning. Not only can cycle times be programmed, but now they can be repeated if, and as often as, necessary.
Omegasonics has introduced a new ultrasonic generator, the Matrix 9000 Mark II, that provides the latest enhancements in electronics. The third generation of this generator series, the Matrix 9000 Mark II eliminates 20 percent of the components on the power board.
Omegasonics has introduced a new cleaning unit, the 1900BTX, that features two cleaning technologies, a water agitation cleaning process and ultrasonic cavitation. Each operates independently to facilitate a more thorough, yet gentle, cleaning process. The unit is especially effective for cleaning 3D prototype parts.
Omegasonics announced the release of a brand new cleaning detergent, OmegaSupreme. OmegaSupreme is Omegasonics’ most versatile and industrial-friendly cleaning detergent utilizing all the newest technologies in chemistry. The solution is effective at removing oils, light grease, dirt, grime, carbon and other contaminants from a variety of metals.
Omegasonics announced the introduction of the PowerLift 4560, a new unit specifically engineered to clean heavy parts because it allows the operator to lower and lift parts out of the tank with an assisted pneumatic lift. The 120-gallon PowerLift 4560 is a large-capacity ultrasonic cleaning system with 6000 watts of peak ultrasound.
Omegasonics has added a hinged-lid as standard to its compact 1900BT cleaning unit.
Omegasonics has introduced the OMG4430, its largest standard unit with a bath size of 40"x30"x30".
Omegasonics introduced two ultrasonic cleaning units for use with fuse deposition modeling (FDM) 3D parts.
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Omegasonics, Simi Valley, Calif., a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, announced that it is expanding and has opened a manufacturing plant in Ferndale, Wash.