The FaceMill-Diamond features an exceptionally high number of permanently brazed cutting edges for its diameter. The cutting edges are designed for a cutting depth of up to 10 mm. Furthermore, the robust tool body absorbs the vibrations generated during machining and prevents damage to the component surface.
MAPAL is expanding its portfolio in the area of high-performance milling cutters in the OptiMill family for aluminium and steel machining. The full potential of new, powerful machines can be used with the new OptiMill-SPM milling cutters "Rough" and "Finish." They exploit their strengths especially during the machining of…
The turbocharger has been state-of-the-art in diesel vehicles for some time. And almost all automotive manufacturers offer a turbocharged petrol engine. Why? The turbocharger makes comparable performance with a smaller engine capacity possible and that contributes to the advance in downsizing. Turbochargers also help to achieve lower fuel…
During drilling from solid in steel, the focus is on quality, time and cost-effectiveness. And these topics are therefore also in the foreground during the development of new tools. Along with the Tritan-Drill Steel, which is the tool of choice for the highest cost-effectiveness even in difficult drilling situations, MAPAL has developed new tools…
Many versions of heat exchangers are used in different industries. After all, they help to make heat generated usable for other processes. In the case of recuperators, two liquid or gaseous media with different temperatures are pumped into separate circuits. A heat exchange takes place without mixing the media. Recuperators include bundle heat…
Electric mobility is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. The number of electrically powered vehicles produced is increasing. MAPAL already offers a wide range of innovative machining solutions for the manufacture of individual parts and components that are machined.
Connecting rods are highly stressed engine parts. To take account of downsizing and the reduction of CO2 emissions, connecting rods are also becoming increasingly lighter. This is achieved on the one hand through the use of high-strength and innovative materials, and on the other hand through modern production processes. This also changes the…
MAPAL has introduced a milling program with pressed, radial ISO indexable inserts, thus completing the portfolio of standard milling tools. Up to now, the company has mainly focused on a milling program with ground, tangential ISO indexable inserts. These are used in particular for special applications, very large stock removal, unstable…
MAPAL has announced that the Tritan-Drill product range of drills with three cutting edges will gradually be expanded. The new universal version, made from HSS, was specifically developed for maximum cost-effectiveness in small-series production.
One of Mapal Inc.’s goals in developing the HPR400 Plus line of indexable-insert reamers was to minimize the time and costs associated with sending solid reamers out to be reconditioned. The tool’s design does away with logistics costs, reports Mapal, adding that there’s “no need for transporting [the reamers] to the manufacturer. WIP inventory…
MAPAL offers its tool management services based on the c-Com platform, a product of c-Com GmbH. Tool Management 4.0 guarantees maximum overview of all data and inventory movement, as well as costs, according to the company.
MAPAL offers the UNIBASE-M tool dispensing system for the optimal storage and management of tools, components and accessories. With the focus on ease of use the system is configured according to customer requirements. This applies to all the new variants in the UNIBASE-M range as well.
MAPAL offers hydraulic chucks specially for tool grinding machines, the HydroChuck Grind-A and the HydroChuck Grind-M. The advantages of MAPAL’s hydraulic expansion technology can thus now also be used for tool grinding.
MAPAL has developed a multi-bladed fine boring tool with guide pads. Thanks to the multiple cutting edges, the cycle time is significantly
reduced compared with single-bladed tools.
MAPAL offers a broad portfolio of ISO tools for milling operations. A new series of cutting materials has been developed especially for the milling of the whole bandwidth of cast iron grades – GJL, GJV and GJS.
Replaceable head systems in the machining industry are the first choice when it comes to meeting the demands of rising raw material prices, resource efficiency and streamlining of stocks. Reason enough to further develop the triple cutting edged Tritan-Drill with which MAPAL has defined a new standard in drilling as a replaceable head variant.
With trochoidal milling, significant improvements in terms of tool costs, clamping, processing times and load on the machine components can be achieved in many applications compared to conventional milling. For this milling technique, MAPAL has expanded its OptiMill product range by adding mills for the machining of titanium and high-alloy steels…
To make the fine machining of the crankshaft bearing journals on a machining centre economical, line boring bars are often used. With an innovative concept, MAPAL has been able, in collaboration with a machine manufacturer, to optimize this processing in several ways: Compared with conventional line boring bars, quality can be increased,…
The Tritan-Drill, the 3-flute drill from MAPAL, achieves more bores, a longer tool life and lower machining costs compared with its twin-fluted companion. The Tritan-Drill makes it possible to machine with a significantly higher feed rate. In both standard and special designs, it combines process reliability and high performance.
MAPAL has expanded its program of narrow-contour HTC (High-Torque Chuck) clamping chucks, whose narrow shapes are produced without a restrictive brazed joint thanks to additive manufacturing. These new chucks can directly clamp diameters of 3, 4 and 5 mm, also allowing hydraulic clamping chucks to be used on the microscale, for example in medical…
For the production of homokinetic joints of hardened steel, numerous automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on ballnose milling cutters from the MAPAL CPMill program.
MAPAL has now expanded its extensive milling cutter product range that has been well-established on the market for many years to include four new high-performance milling cutters.
With the HighTorque Chuck (HTC) with narrow contour, MAPAL has succeeded in combining the benefits of the hydraulic expansion technology with the 3° back taper known from the shrink chuck.
Whether producing turbochargers, steering knuckles or cylinder blocks, customers can mill cast and steel parts considerably more cost-effectively with the radial insert milling program from Mapal Inc. than with previously available solutions. Since the product launch in 2018, there have been a large number of measurable successes resulting from…
The larger the series of parts to be produced, the more important cycle times and tool costs are. Designing machinery and tooling through a collaborative design process reduces cycle times and tooling costs, while improving part quality.
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Sidney Pimenta Paiva, 60, took over management of the U.S. subsidiary Mapal Inc. effective April 1.
MAPAL Frhenosa, a joint venture by the MAPAL Group, is stepping up its activities in Mexico. The company has built a second branch in Santiago de Querétaro, giving it an operation right at the heart of the country for the first time.
Dieter Kress announced during his 75th birthday celebrations that he planned to gradually step down from the day-to-day business.