In contrast to conventional zero-point tooling systems, monitoring sensors were specifically designed for the MTS 4.0. Each of the four chucks in the MTS 4.0 base plate are equipped with a sensor to check the presence of the workpiece holder and to monitor the actuating piston. There is also a force sensor to measure the clamping power. Similar to…
The EROWA PowerChuck P is the universal interface for quick and precise positioning of palletized workpieces or fixtures on a machine table. With the new PowerChuck Edge 20, the workpiece palletizing system has been updated with new, innovative design and functions.
Workpieces with a maximum weight of 800kg and a size of up to Ø850 mm x 1,000 mm can be loaded onto the machine tool safely and reliably. The Robot Easy 800 is optimally suitable for moving pallets from our EROWA MTS system, which are predominantly used for milling and grinding.
With total monitoring feedback, a maximum clamping power of 20,000 N and enhanced precision, the new MTS 2.0 (Modular Tooling System) fulfills even the most exacting machining demands. The use of state-of-the-art ceramic lock balls combined with innovative springs increase clamping power while allowing an opening pressure of only 6 bar.
With the introduction of the ERD 150L, EROWA offers a low-cost, linear automation system that is flexible and can easily be expanded at any time. This virtually eliminates the need to purchase additional components before they’re needed.
Much like its predecessor, the EROWA Robot Compact 80 has a small footprint (less than 22 sq. ft.) and can load two machines, but a number of upgrades reportedly has made it an ideal solution for tool and mold making.
The basic rails of the CleverClamp system are calibrated to fit the EROWA UPC and EROWA MTS production tooling systems. The range of clamping elements can be quickly positioned on the serrated base rails and be used either horizontally or vertically.