Robot Compact 80

March 24, 2016

Much like its predecessor, the EROWA Robot Compact 80 has a small footprint (less than 22 sq. ft.) and can load two machines, but a number of upgrades reportedly has made it an ideal solution for tool and mold making. 

The most noticeable improvement is the EROWA Robot Compact 80 now has a maximum transfer weight of 80 kg (176 lbs.). Another enhancement, which boosts performance, is that it is able to accommodate the company’s UPC pallets (320mm x 320mm). Depending on the configuration, the robot can hold more than 300 palletized workpieces and up to 11 different pallet sizes. The optional integrated loading station can be used for large and heavy workpieces without interrupting the automatic program sequence of the robot.

The EROWA Robot Compact 80 also has a fast swivel axis on the transfer arm, which ensures that cooling liquid or dielectric fluid stays within the machining area.


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