The VAPOR platform has unique elements in body design and TRI-X2 insert geometry for higher metal removal rates and extended tool life. VAPOR is ideal for extreme machining with modern machine tool technology.
FL Series markers can be mounted in open Class 4 workstations or Class 1 safety enclosures, with a programmable Z-axis, optional rotary D-axis, and integrated barcode reading and verifying technology. They are designed for easy integration into robotic cells, production lines, and other highly engineered solutions to support modern manufacturing…
Headlining these new offerings is a series of truly portable dot peen markers. The cordless, battery-operated MP Mobile series can be controlled by any Android/iOS mobile device or a Windows PC using intuitive, powerful software.
Dapra’s new SBD series inserts help operators finish their back draft jobs faster, with greater accuracy – and fewer insert changes – for maximum performance in long-reach, low-pressure finish cutting.
The latest fiber laser part marking solutions from Dapra Marking Systems offer fast cycle times and precise, repeatable, non-contact marking of metals (hardened and stainless steel, anodized aluminum, copper, precious metals), plastics and more. New 200i Series systems feature a compact marking cabinet (18" wide x 20" deep x 17"…
The new EDGE2 DSS system from DAPRA Corp. was engineered to deliver both premium 90° milling performance and indexable milling value. Double-sided DSS inserts provide four usable cutting edges to significantly lower cost-per-edge versus single-sided inserts, and DAPRA’s permanent automatic cutter replacement program makes it easier for shops to…
Dapra Corp. offers a full line of Arnold high-pressure vises that provide controllable power and dependable clamping for a variety of workholding applications. The Arnold family of vises, manufactured by world leader Fresmak, includes durable solutions that are suitable for milling, grinding, drilling, toolroom and production work.
Dapra Corp.'s New EDGE2 double-sided DTB cutters and inserts feature twice the number of usable edges as single-sided button inserts for superior metal removal and value. These thick carbide inserts provide better heat and stress absorption, resulting in longer service life and increased strength, according to the company.
Truly indexable finishing inserts have arrived with the new EDGE² spherical ballnose (SBN) system from DAPRA Corp. SBN inserts feature two usable cutting edges, delivering cost savings and high-quality finishes.
The new M4 Inline from Dapra Marking Systems, Bloomfield, Conn., is a turnkey inline direct part marking solution for industrial traceability. The system reportedly eliminates the need for additional vision identification/control equipment, making it the ideal solution for efficient, cost-effective inline part marking for everything from automated…
Indexable finishing inserts have arrived with the new EDGE(2) Spherical ball nose (SBN) system from DAPRA Corp.
Dapra Corp.'s EDGE2 indexable cutting tools accept inserts with two cutting edges. The Spherical Ball Nose (SBN) series tools enable long, unattended finishing runs and enhanced tip cutting and 3D profiling, according to the company.
Dapra Corp. has announced the launch of <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, a valuable new mobile Web site.
The adjustable center jaws of DAPRA's new Allmatic CENTRO Gripp Vise allow a workpiece to be held during the complete machining process, from start to finish, with one unit.
Dapra Corp. has introduced 12mm Cutter Bodies and Inserts to its line of 90 Square Shoulder precision mills.
Dapra Corp. has introduced precision-ground Ball Nose inserts with PCD tips.
Dapra Corp.'s new Mid-Feed cutters and inserts, part of its high-feed RHINO-FEEDline, provide high-feed milling, allowing for extreme feed rates in light- to moderate-DOC applications.
New Mini-Feed cutters and inserts, part of Dapra Corp.'s high-feed RHINO-FEED line, reportedly allow for feed rates up to five times faster than normal in light-DOC applications.
Dapra's series of Biax hand-held, air-powered tools include lightweight grinders and variable-speed deburring machines.
Dapra Corp. has introduced HFDEH high-feed inserts, which fit current Toroid cutter bodies.
Dapra Corp., Bloomfield, Conn., now offers its advanced HBN Ball Nose inserts with helical cutting edge in metric sizes ranging from 10mm to 32mm in diameter.
Dapra Corp. has expanded its Toroid Rhino-Carb CNC-pressed insert line with a new cutting edge geometry. Available for round and octagonal inserts, the new neutral ("N") cutting edge provides smoother cutting action for steels, irons and many stainless steels when compared to Dapra's stronger T-Land insert edge, according to the…
Bloomfield, CT – Dapra Corp., an American manufacturer of indexable carbide milling tools and inserts, is pleased to announce an initiative to support U.S. shops that are pivoting their manufacturing processes to supply the medical industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The new M4 Inline part marking system from Dapra Marking Systems, Bloomfield, Conn., is a turnkey solution that features an integrated 16 bus card and is said to eliminate the need for vision identification/control equipment, making the system ideal for efficient, cost-effective inline part marking for everything from automated production lines to…
Whether you are new to the trade or a seasoned expert, Dapra offers a free series of training videos to help maximize your milling efficiency and productivity. This training explores everything from common milling formulas and principles to how to pick the right tools for the job and program them for success – universal principles that apply…
Curious about Dynamic Milling? DAPRA’s American-made Helical Roughing End Mills are a great option for modern applications. Watch a 3/4” dia. end mill create a .850” deep pocket and outside contour in a 1018 steel block, with a total cycle time of just 4 min. 17 sec. No-risk Guaranteed Test Orders are available.
From profile and ramp milling to 3D roughing and profile finishing, view footage of Dapra's new products, designed to help you maximize productivity and improve your bottom line. 
Are you maximizing your Profile Milling efficiency? Constant profile ramping is a much more effective approach than conventional Z-level profiling. Watch side-by-side as a Dapra 1” end mill (50 IPM / .100” DOC) using constant ramp profile outpaces a traditional 1° helix entry and Z-level rough by more than 50%.

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Dapra Corp., Bloomfield, Conn., has 1,600 indexable tools for milling available through MachiningCloud Inc., Camarillo, Calif.
Shawn Lawlor has been named CEO of DAPRA after Linda Pilvelis retires March 1, 2021.
As part of its strategy for growth, Dapra Corp. has announced the addition and promotion of two employees.