ARNO Werkzeuge offers its new AWL direct mount for Star Swiss-type machines. The toolholder system for turning or grooving tools (patent pending) has an integrated adjustable high-pressure coolant supply of up to 130 bar. When combined with the AFC quick-change system, users can increase productivity for Swiss-type machines because the system…
ARNO Werkzeuge USA introduces its new Auto Fast Change (AFC) Tool Systems for Swiss-style machining. Manufacturing Swiss tooling since the 1940s, ARNO has comprehensive understanding of the needs and issues that machining operations face with their Swiss-style auto lathes and turning machinery.
ARNO Werkzeuge USA. announces the SE grooving and part-off system. This cutting tool and insert system from ARNO USA is designed to optimize turning, grooving, parting-off and copy turning operations.
ARNO Werkzeuge USA announced it has reintroduced the H.B. Rouse brand of American-made, carbide cutting tools and inserts. Formerly sold and marketed under the Arno-Rouse name, the company has reintroduced Rouse as a stand-alone product offering under its original brand name: H.B. Rouse.
ARNO dedicated sliding head auto lathe tooling offers high accuracy and reliable machining of all components, in all materials. This type of lathe often performs highly accurate machining of long, thin and often small components.
Arno Werkzeuge USA announces the introduction of their new SHARK-Cut multipurpose cutting tool platform for a range of turning applications. SHARK-Cut allows machines shops to use just one tool for four different machining operations including: facing, drilling, boring and turning.
Arno Werkzeuge USA has expanded its Swiss-style program of cutting tools, holders, inserts and through-coolant systems for Swiss CNC auto lathes. Applications for Swiss auto lathes are known for their unique machining requirements for extremely long, thin, small parts with great precision and accuracy and, therefore, require very specific tooling.
Arno Werkzeuge USA has expanded its range of high-positive, high-shear indexable inserts, which are ideally suited to cutting nonferrous and high-temperature alloys in turning applications. Engineered and manufactured in Germany by Arno Werkzeuge, this indexable insert range is one of the company's most popular product offerings, as it…
Arno Werkzeuge USA announced the introduction of its SA series of cutting tools and inserts for grooving and part-off or cut-off operations for North America. The SA system from Arno USA is a modular grooving system with a single toolholder, which turns into different tool variants by simply changing the support blade and clamp.
The 90° Deco-Cut system for sliding-head automatic lathes is available from Arno Rouse USA LLC. The system offers accurate and reliable machining of all materials and strong and accurate double-sided insert location, according to the company.
A tool manufacturer overcomes the challenges of excessive heat generation in the cutting zone.
Parting off and grooving are among the most important, but also among the most demanding turning operations. Many parameters determine the result and productivity of the process and production. In addition to the rigidity of the machine, feed rate, and cutting speed, the parting-off and grooving tool and its holder are decisive factors governing…
Machining titanium cost-effectively requires special attention to the distinctive features of this material – particularly for choosing the right tools.
Anyone who manufactures sophisticated precision parts and highly complex assemblies for fluid technology must rely on their supply partners. If the partners also bring an understanding of the procedures and competence in the processes, this can lead to fruitful and long-term connections.
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ARNO USA, Harvard, Ill., has hired Kevin S. McCabe as the company's new Regional Technical Support Engineer for the Midwest region of the country. McCabe will provide technical sales, engineering and training activities for ARNO USA’s range of cutting tools over a four-state territory that includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri.
Arno Werkzeuge USA LLC, Harvard, Ill., a manufacturer of cutting tools and positive- and negative-style inserts for metalcutting machine tools and Swiss-style turning machines, hired Rob Hampton as technical support and sales engineer for the Northeast region of the U.S.