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Users can machine this collet attachment to adapt it to match the internal contour of the workpiece they are clamping. However, what makes this new exhibit from AMF so special is that no through holes are needed in the workpiece to achieve safe internal clamping. With mechanical lateral actuation, workpieces with a blind hole can also be clamped…
AMF presents a flexible, modular screw jack. Various elements can be assembled securely up to the required height in order to fix large and medium-sized components in T-slots and grid plates. The burnished modules made of tempered steel are reliably connected with a threaded ring and allow great flexibility during assembly.
The tool and mold industry is designing and specifying ever more complex geometries and freeform surfaces and the industry is placing ever greater demands on clamping technology to accomplished these needs. Zero-point clamping technology from Andreas Maier Fellbach (AMF).helps them meet these challenges.
Long before a new car model hits the streets, you could already touch it at MT Technologies -– if everything were not so top secret. The model maker manufactures entire vehicles as a reference and test models made of aluminum for numerous OEMs.
AMF clamping technology supports production at a pioneering Hungarian supplier.